Thursday, September 29, 2011

A quickie (not that kind) for SP

Dear SP,

Sometimes you prance around the apartment like a show pony and I love it so much.  Sometimes you "rush in place" and it’s a shimmy/shake like the world has never known.  Sometimes (aka every day) you make my coffee even though you don't drink any yourself or even particularly enjoy the smell.  SP you give the best hugs.  Your shoulders make the best kleenex.  You are infinitely kind to others.  If we had the financial and time resources I'm pretty sure you'd help every living soul you passed in the streets.  Your ability to eat the exact same things over and over and over again fascinates me (and makes cooking easy!)  You are unendingly optimistic and work harder than probably anybody I've ever met.  Your unfailing faith in me is undeserved but so very appreciated.

Thank you for always watching my crappy reality tv shows and allowing me to be a tv voyer.  Thank you for letting me have all my feelings whenever I need to feel them.  Thanks for always picking up the dog poop.  Seriously thanks.  Thanks for working hard at our relationship - even when it is challenging.  Thanks for trying new things with me and for mini adventures.  Thanks for kicking your own butt to try to make me the happiest girl in the world.  And thanks for always making me laugh really hard.

I love you more than a giant bowl of popcorn with seasoned salt (and you know that's a LOT!)


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