Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Call Me Mrs. Slacker!

Dudes & Dudettes

I recognize that there has been epic suck-age on the blogging front. This life thing is keeping me very very busy.

So here's some of the happenings over the last month:

  • I celebrated my 29th birthday.  Yes my real 29th birthday.  Not my 29th birthday again or something like that. 29 feels pretty good so far - but I'll keep you posted. I have been seeing some white/gray hairs popping up which I am not too happy about but dems da breaks I guess. Plus new baby on the way is bound to = much more gray!
  • We went to birthing class.  That was an experience. Let me tell you what. People who are 37 weeks pregnant are not meant to be in class all day long - even if you are moving around a lot and taking lots of breaks. It was particularly funny because many of the exercises I knew immediately would be on the "no way jose" list for SP. Foot rubs - major no. Stroking your partner's neck - definitely no no. But the teacher was great and encouraging and empowering. So we'll see if any of it sticks when laboring is actually happening...
  • We refinanced the house. Oh yes, that's right we haven't even been in the house for a year and we refinanced.  But it was for all good reasons (no cost, good interest rate etc etc).  However it did require me to dig out a LOT of paperwork again. And sign a lot of things. But its done - so yay?
  • We went to this awesome dinner movie theater (SMG ) with some good friends.  Enjoyed some beers (for the non pregnant ones), some ice cream, some snacks! Oh yeah...and saw a movie ;) Loved it!
  • SP hit and passed the 39 week mark.  At the last doc appointment nothing was moving and SP was more than a little disappointed - but now is the hurry up and wait time. She is, luckily, off work now so there's a lot more waddling around the block and napping happening before this kiddo makes his/her debut. Due date is 2/4 so hopefully my next post will be full of newborn-ness!

And that's about all I have time for amongst my panicked nesting! Send spontaneous healthy labor thoughts our way!



  1. I'm going to be straight with you, I had NO gray hairs at all....until the day our son was born. Seriously, the next morning, when he was barely 12 hours old, I saw the first one had sprouted up. 5 years and another kid later, I have to get the hair around my temples trimmed regularly to cut out the gray. Lol. The last couple weeks are always the longest. That baby will be here before you know it!!!!! Wheeeee, hang on Mamas, the ride is just starting!

  2. This pregnancy has gone by soooo fast! I just can't believe you are already so close to having a baby! Can't wait!