Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life According to Crappy Iphone pictures!

So not a whole heck of a lot to report these days which maybe is a good thing after crazy September.  

Been doing a lot of this:

 We also saw this:

Spent a morning in the mountains - BEAUTIFUL!  I love Fall :) 

One baby brother tore his!  So we spent a day helping him clean up his apartment and get groceries - things that become much harder on crutches and without a car.   

I've also got the cooking bug again:
Broccoli cheese soup and roasted potatoes - mmmm!

SP's creation - Apple pie wontons! OMG

And a little bit of this

And my face...obviously.

It's still getting into the mid 80's around these parts.  I'm really done with that non-sense. Especially since it's COLD in the morning and then I'm sweating to death in my cute tights and boots by the end of the day.  Come on mother nature - bring on the true Fall-ness.

There's some good stuff in the future though - Apple Orchards, Babies are coming (one probably today! One probably early next week!  Yay!) and then finally some thanksgiving goodness.  And there will be some pumpkin in my future come hell or high water.

Hope your Fall's are shaping up just as well!


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