Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I couldn't be a pioneer...

Oh my gosh you guys you will never guess where I’m writing this beautiful entry from?!  MY COUCH!  But the best news of the day - HEAT.  Dear sweet lord of all things great and warm, thank you for Ron the PG&E man (is his name really Ron? i don't know) who did unmentionable (against OSHA) things to get our heat on for us thursday night.  So Ron (if that is your name) this happy juju in the universe is for you!  And that’s called getting the modern conveniences (aka a little piece of heaven) into your apartment people.

And while I write this I’m watching all 40inches of my beautiful new flat screen.  Happy moving present to us!  W00t.  And on that television there is some trashy cable television and a most fabulous DVR to record every trashy program I can get my hands on.  (SP has already been exposed to the glory that is teen mom on MTV – oh brain rot I feel you coming back!)

It doesn't look pretty here but I promise you it is!  (and that's a little NCIS for your Saturday!)

And soon the beauty will be on that blank wall to the left there
 above the fireplace (oh yes I said FIREPLACE!)
Weekends are really the best.  Except that I don’t actually sleep more on the weekends and I don’t know why.  I wish I did because sweet jesus christo (say that with a latino accent) this waking up at 4am thing is KILLING me.  Speaking of killing, dodo the dog not only peed AGAIN but she also puked this morning – happy moving present to me love puppy.  I’m pretty sure that we are keeping the makers of pet fabreeze in business.

This crazy place is starting to become liveable though.  I mean the whole having heat thing really made me like it here.  Oh and I’ve now used the dishwasher twice – I’m sorry but there is nothing more glorious than opening that little white door to a cave of clean dishes - joy squared.

And this my friends is what the 8th circle of hell looks like - Moving!

What the living room looked like a week ago - Oh hey that's me and Dodo's Bum!
How in the world do we have THIS much stuff?

The kitchen is huge when it's not covered in JUNK!

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