Monday, February 14, 2011

Bah Humbug - The Valentine Edition

Ok so I don't like Valentine's day.  Not because I'm bitter, alone and a cat lady (because I'm not! I swear) but because I think its so incredibly cheeseball all over the place to have a holiday in which you are supposed to express your love to loved ones.  Shouldn't you be doing that every single blessed day you have with them?  And not just on one predetermined day when every restaurant is booked and every red rose within a 700mile radius of your town has been bought.  Seriously this must be the worst night of the year for chef's around the world. 

Maybe I'm just a grouch.  but dude pink and red don't even go together.  And the tag lines they put in some valentine's day cards just make me want to gag.  And I think I'm kind of a romantic so if they make ME gag...they must be pretty bad.

And on top of that it's raining which does not = a fun sunshiney fabulous heart filled day to me. 

There were fireworks however today, on this blessed day of love.  Yes real live fireworks - in my microwave.  So apparently if you put a mug that has metalic design on it in the microwave what you get are slightly terrifying sparky explosions - DOH.  And that's what a masters degree will get you my friends.

Also today I have 5 beverage containers on my desk.  Count em' 5!  And not one of them contain caffeine (unless theraful has caffeine?).  How's that for hydration? eh? eh?

My strain of the plague seems to be doing better today.  That and the fact that SP let me sleep for 3 (billion) glorious hours on the couch yesterday AND let me sleep in this morning while she took care of the (idiot) dog.  And while I'm pretty sure I could actually sleep for another year and half like Rumpelstiltskin I feel so insanely better I'm kind of giddy about it.  Like this day would never come - man I have no faith in my immune system.

And with that I leave you with a pink and sparkly rainbow of joy!  Hope your Valentine's day is everything you want it to be!  Try not to throw up on your own shoes while reading the cheesetacular card your loved one got you!

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