Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating my feet, Wednesdays, and My Hair (Oh Vanity)

And now a magical treat - Me putting my foot in my mouth

Dearest friends and lovahs

In my previous post I in no way meant to intend that I do not like mormons in any way.  While i may not agree with everything that the religion suggests I do not dislike mormon people in any way shape or form.  In fact I am very much an admirer of anyone with strong religious/spiritual convictions - whatever they may be.  And if you are doing your best to make things good and whole and happy for yourself and others than more power to you.  And there are obviously some places where we must agree to disagree and that is fine.  And there are some places where others make me very angry by their beliefs and choices but alas this place we live in is founded on a tenant that we get to believe what we like.

So what I'm saying is I'm a lover not a hater.  Be good to each other.  That's all I ask.  Phew.  I feel better already.

I do not feel warmer however because hey, guess what?  We still don't have heat.  I also seem to have lost the ability to warm my own body - as in I can never seem to get all the way warm.  (oh I know I'll take a bath to warm up...hahah too bad the tub leaks!)  The part of me that is practicing gratitude would be grateful that we live in a place that is not experiencing snowmaggedon right now.  Like at least we can physically survive the night without heat unlike some others.  But dude, moving kinda blows.  Somebody may or may not have melted down on SP this morning...I suck at Resolutions.  While I know rationally that it is not SP's fault that I can not find my pink sweater in the monstrous mountain of clothing that is growing arms in the corner of our room, the clutter induced frenzy that my brain is in somehow makes it her fault.  Or not even her fault, just makes her the whipping "boy" in the bad situation. 


Let's talk about Wednesday.  And the fact that it is one of the better days of the week because we are in the home stretch towards the weekend.  And it has an odd number of letters.  And its the longest.  I just like it.  The downside of wednesday you ask?  It is inevitably my worst hair day.  Why you ask?  (ok you probably didn't ask you probably said, shut up, why am I even reading this crappola?!  But it is my rambling blog and I will tell you if I want to).  The truth is I don't shower every day.  GASP oh my heavens no.  What do you mean you don't shower every day? How unsanitary in this modern era of cleanliness and health.  Whatever look it comes down to a few factors:
  • I'm too lazy to shower every day
  • I'm too tired to shower every day
  • 2nd day hair always looks better than 1st day hair
  • I actually do believe it is better for my hair and skin to not wash it every day.
The problem with wednesday is it is often day 3 that I have not showered.  And thusly we are now entering gross-dom.  Yes I know this.  But guess what?  getting myself to work not naked is goal number one in the morning (with coffee obvs!)  So the hair is generally last priority and gets thrown into some version of the greasy pony tail.  Sometimes I pull the bangs back with bobby pins and sometimes I braid them back.  But pretty much wednesday = greasy ponytail.  And that's probably more about my luscious locks than you ever wanted to know.

And I know there are no pictures, but I have no interwebs at palace until the weekend so tough nubbins peeps.  Tough NUBBINS.

Until then, read this because it is my dog - and this girl is HILARIOUS!

Love love love.

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