Thursday, February 3, 2011

A letter to my furry not the dustball under the bed

Dearest Puplet

While the carpet in the spare bedroom where you sleep may be easily mistaken for the outside world, as it is the color of dirt (can dogs even see color?...I don't think so), it is not in fact outside.  Please do not use it to do your business.  Instead if you would be ever so kind as to HOLD IT until you are actually outside your moms would really (REALLY) appreciate that.  And while waking up to the smell of fresh fecal matter or stepping in a hot puddle are truly lovely experiences they are not ones we would like to repeat.

We do love you despite your special quirks (FREAKY HABITS AND MALADIES) but you are testing our ever loving patience.

Love Forever and Always,
Yours Truly and SP!

Damn - you are cute though!  

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