Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fresh Toilets aka My Favorite!

You know what's my favorite?

When I walk into the bathroom at work in the morning and the toilet seat is up.  And I know that there is a brand new freshly cleaned toilet all for me.  :)  Gross or not it makes me happy.

In other news working is so silly and exhausting.  I have been wanting to run so badly but I can not find the energy to get up early in the morning or go after a long day of crazy work.  Like I do not know how people do it.  I want to run at like 9am or 2:30pm.  But clearly that is not going to work.  I keep telling SP that she needs to start making a billionty dollars so that I can be a stay at home wife/dog watcher.  SP doesn’t seem so keen on the idea… ;)

Nothing super exciting in this world – oh except this news – bff is coming to visit from Tennessee soon!  YAY!

You know what else is my favorite?

Puppy love :)  Kisses from Kori!

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