Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dude peeps, the working world is hard.  

Like sometimes you have to work.  FOR 10 FREAKIN HOURS A DAY.

This is what my life looks like lately...

Mail bins &

and transcripts galore!

If you are lucky like me though you have an SP who drives to your place of work long after you should have been home and brings your dodo the dog and buys you sushi.  Lets not mention that in the 5mins that you sneak your dodo the dog into your office she will inevitabley poop inside your office.  Not to mention that approximately 30mins later she will jump out of the car window in an attempt to get to another dog....have I mentioned recently that we adopted a terror from the shelter who may be somewhat mentally unstable...yeah...  

Also my right shoulder/neck area hurts really bad from the repetative motion of opening mail and making 10million student folders. And probably also from smooshing the phone to my ear with my shoulder.  Do you think that neck pain is considered a work induced injury and I should file workers comp?  If it involves a free massage I might consider it...

In other news...its raining again.   i.e. monsooning and I am now forced to be a hermit once again.  Seriously though rain, I'm kinda done now. Please bring on spring.  Kthxbye

This weekend SP and I had nothing planned.  Nothing.  How glorious is that?  I literally can't remember the last time that happened.  So what have we do with our nothing weekend?  Made a giant list of things for us (ie SP) to do around the apartment a la putting up shelves and vacumming and grocery shopping - you know like the basic necessities that you apparently put off inevitably when you work 10hours a day.  Did I mention yet that I've been working 10 hours a day?   I am such a whiner, I know it, you don't have to tell me.  But we did do a lot of things and had essentially one whole day of doing nothing.  Oh weekend you are just what I needed :)

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