Monday, March 28, 2011

Confessions of a would-be baby snatcher

So if you know me, you know its no secret that I covet my neighbors baby.  Like I have mad baby fever.  And no I'm not one of those girls that planned out her life and decided that at 22.34yrs I would marry and at 24.75yrs I would have twin girls named lemonjello and oranjello (say with an accent so it sounds like LA-MONjallo) and have been collecting swatches of pink fabric for their nursery since I was 10 (not that that's a bad thing if that's what YOU did).  But I have always liked kids and they (along with little furry animals and strangers who need to tell their life stories to someone) have always had a freakish affinity for me.

So you can't blame me for wanting a squishy little one of my own right?  No you can't.  What you can fault me for is the way in which I have been planning on obtaining one said baby.

As of right now the current plan is to take my biggest purse to a well populated baby area and collect one adorable small child into said purse and then run away.  I do understand that there are some flaws in this plan (ie felony abduction, inability to run fast enough and such) but it seems so easy sometimes.

Tired parents/nannies + super cute babies wandering around aimlessly + one giant purse + one baby snatcher = happy sarah.

Ok people, obviously I'm not stealing a baby (right now).  And my friends and SP have put the kabash on the baby snatching jokes in public (apparently its like SO not kosher to joke about stealing babies - right up there with joking about bombs in airports or something).

I did go to a supercool baby shower on Saturday though that only fueled my desire for small squishy people.  I guess its good that all these people around me are having babies right now so that I can borrow them instead of stealing one...  I don't know though...I do have a pretty big purse right now =)

In other good (and more socially acceptable) news - the sun came out tonight.  And thus I (and the rest of the known world) rejoiced for many hours.  SP and I even took furball to the river for a run - which really hurt p.s.  

Upcoming life highlights:
  • 5k this weekend (hahahahah - ouch is all I have to say to that)
  • Monterey :) 
  • Orphan Easter (wherein good friends come over to finally see the apartment and eat good food)
Fun stuff!

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