Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Green 2.0

Ok I'm home from work today sick as a dog (I love me a summer cold really close to my program start date - dear immune system your timing is impeccable)

But I had to show you these pictures of my real life VEGETABLES that are at this exact moment growing in my tiny, crappy patio garden.  I'm so proud I could cry.  I forced SP to come admire them with me.  She's so cute and was super proud and told me even if we can't eat them in the end she thinks its a win!

Well so do I...look at these beauties! (we are affectionately referring to the bell pepper as "the butt" - yeah we're 12)

Without further ado...

Baby tomatoes!  I hope we get to eat them :)

And the mystery plant that JUST KEEPS Growing...WHAT IS IT?!

I'm cautiously optimistic that my black thumb may be turning just a little bit greener!

Happy 1st Day of Summer!  I hope you are spending it in the pool and not at home blowing your nose like me!


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