Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Makings of a Fabulous Fall (?) Weekend

First of all lets get one thing out of the way - Europe Updates are coming (a 4-pt series) I know what you're thinking...dear God I can't WAIT for that

And now on to the goodness – last weekend!

Friday night was Sushi birthday palooza for SP's bestie.  All birthdays should be celebrated with good friends and sushi.  These are the bonuses of being an adult.  You don't have to have pizza for your birthday, you can have sushi and cocktails and frozen yogurt and talk trash about life and the future and all kinds of things.  It was fabulous - hope the birthday girl had as much fun as us.

Saturday SP had to work, which is real dumb, but I suppose it's only every once in awhile so I should just let it go.  So I hung out with some really really stinkin cute kittens and one best friend for a sun filled lunch full of friend love - and a quick reminder that we're all just trying to figure out this thing called life.  And then SP and I spent the evening with some friendsies eating Thai food and watching other people play volleyball.  SP said it was a great game, I wouldn't know because the idea of diving into the floor to catch a ball is so incredibly beyond me I spent most of the game talking and not watching (sorry volleyball players, I'm guessing you were real good!) (Cuteness below beware!)

Now let's talk about the fact that we are now half way through October and it is still over 80 degrees every day for the foreseeable forecast.  Dear Mother Nature - this isn't really the beautiful boot wearing weather that I had in mind.

The bonus of said hotness (the weather, not me...well...)  is that on Sunday SP and I spent the day waterskiing.  My super cool Uncle and Cousin picked up my brother and met us at beautiful, glassy-watered Lake Berryessa.  They brought the boat, we brought our vulnerable, unready bodies.  The sunshine, the water, the boat.  I'm sold.  I could just drive around all day on the lake letting the sun kiss my face.

Instead I let them drag my out of shape body behind the boat.  My brother and cousin make wake boarding look like something everyone is born doing.  I on the other hand make waterskiing look like torturous pain.   Despite what my facial expressions said, it was oh so perfect.  The sun and the water and so many people I really like.  The whole world was tuned out for hours.  Just me and the sun and the people I love.  Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Somebody wasn't thrilled with the whole getting in the water thing... 

Unfortunately my perfect weekend ended with a not so perfect back tweakage.  I guess I am getting old.  I spent most of monday hobbling around looking sad.  But it was worth it, so incredibly worth it.  

Happy Fall?...

Besos, Sarah

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