Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing says summer like Rocket Pops!

19 days and counting.

You know when a deadline is creeping up on you like a sneaky younger sibling who is coming around a corner trying to scare the ever loving sh*t out of you?  Well I’m having that moment at work today because I realized today that the students are coming in less than 4 work weeks.  Dear god of organization please you help me now.  XOXO Sarah.  Luckily things have been going relatively well at work lately and perhaps things will be somewhat ready before the kiddos show up (current taking my imaginary giant fist and knocking it against an imaginary giant piece of wood).  Good thing my coworkers are hilarious today we may or may not have measured one of their heads'…

…using blue tape and a ruler.


Incase you forgot (if you did you fail) this past weekend was fathers day (or daddy’s day or dada’s day if you live in my world).  Sadly mi papi lives 500ish miles away and thus we celebrated via phone and will celebrate via yummy food and love when SP and I visit later (post kiddo program).  SP and I also got to eat dinner with her fabulous dada – I don’t think they call him that but he is an honorary dada in my world.  And per his request (and in what appears to be true SP family tradition) we ate meat.  Good old meaty mc meat on a plate with fatty bread and potatoes.  For someone who is clinically addicted to carbs I was like a pig in heaven – or maybe just a pig.  I may or may not have eaten an entire bread basket myself and then essentially couldn’t eat my dinner.  Oh well.  But it was nice to celebrate the daddy’s in our worlds.

This weekend SP andI  also did nothing.  Sweet wonderful nothing.  And got groceries but that’s not part of the nothing.  Seriously though I think I slept past 7am on both Saturday and Sunday – WHHHAAATT?  Good thing since this morning I woke up at 5am and never went back to sleep, oh body why you hate me so much?!

This week is le busy, but its so nice because new and old friends are coming out of the woodwork and it makes me feel so social and loved and friendy-ish.  And more baby time is coming up in my future and thus sarah = happy person.

The only thing that is not so happy.  Today’s high of 98 degrees.  Fine summer, I knew you had to come sometimes.  And there goes my life savings to Air Conditioning – but dear sweet ice cold heaven, how I love you.  (pretty sure there is an entire post dedicated to AC in my near future)

In celebration of all things fun and summery SP and I made POPSICLES.  And in true Sarah fashion we got rocket pop makers (mostly because I literally couldn’t find any others…)  That's zero calories of good-ness right there!


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