Friday, June 3, 2011

Say WHAT mother nature?!

The weather makes my face do this...
You know how some days you just feel really good for no reason in particular, I’m having one of those days and its so lovely.

Work is suuuuper busy because the kiddies come to my super cool program in just over a month (AAACKITY ACK ACK) but I finally have come to some kind of peace in myself that everything will be fine and I just keep plugging along.  And I’ve realized that in the big scheme of things it ain’t no thang.

SP and I have some activities a happen’ this weekend so that’s exciting.  Tonight is a going away party for some good friends who are moving off to North Carolina which I think is real stupid (no offense North Carolina) but it’s pretty exciting…Congrats Dr. Matt!!!  We are sad to lose you but I’ll be calling you when I have weird ailments, fear not.  And hopefully his SP, Sean, will also live it up in NC.  I’m sure yall will have the best chickens in town!

Tomorrow there is a little league game in our future (unless of course it is torrentially down pouring) and then there is some fun with the sisters Denks and then a fun filled trip to SP’s stomping grounds!  All of these plans are contingent on mother nature playing along. 

Speaking of mother nature since when did I move to the Midwest?  Pretty sure my nerves are oh so not prepared for tornados (NO MORE NATURAL DISASTERS UP IN HERE).  I only just convinced myself that I am not going to die in a giant earthquake (shut up I know it can happen but I don’t want to talk about it) I don’t need to spend a bunch of energy worrying about monster hail and killer twisters (all I can think about is a cow flying through the air).

But nonetheless nothing gonna get me down because the happy vibes are a flowin so bring it on mother nature, you bipolar little witch, because I can layer with the best of them.  Booyah.

Happy weekend friends!  May mama de nature be more stable in your town than she is here…

P.S. I am madly obsessed with livingsocial and groupon.  Jump on the bandwagon people because couponing is oh so chic these days!  More than you want to hear on this topic soon :)

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