Wednesday, November 9, 2011

La La La Liffeeee!

Ok dudes here's what happening.

It went from 80 degrees to 37 in 4 days.  Like really, 4.  Needless to say the fan is in the closet and our little heater is getting a WORK OUT.

I ripped my tights this morning.  This is a metaphor for my life.  I don't know why but I feel like that's what somebody poetic would say.

I'm currently not eating anything made with flour or sugar.  It kind of blows.  But not that bad because I'd much rather eat salt then sugar.  It has made snacking hard though.  I can only eat so many ounces of lean meats and so many heads of broccoli a day.

Our dog is still suffering from short term memory loss. She loves our guests and then hates them 2 hours later.  Maybe we should just start giving her sedatives before anybody comes over to visit.

I still think Halloween is probably the stupidest holiday ever.  Therefore I boycotted this year and ate candy in bed (this was obviously before the no sugar diet) and watched Sleepless in Seattle with SP.  Hands down best Halloween ever.

I'm straight up exhausted on a regular basis these days.  Like put my head down on my desk at 2pm and fall asleep.  Its actually getting to the point where I'm a little bit worried about it.  So I'm pumping myself full of vitamins and water this week and seeing how things go.  At least for the next week I'm blaming it on the weather and time change. (how very witch doctor of me!)  Also if you see me and I look like a zombie, you don't have to tell me, I already know I LOOK LIKE CRAP.

I'm day dreaming pretty ferociously these days about being a stay at home mom.  I'm sure (SURE - like 1000% positive) that I'm probably over-glamorizing it.  But I don't care.  I hope house-wifery is in my future (semi distant future at this point but that is ok)

The budget at work is DONE.  GLORY HALLELUJAH PRAISE BE TO HEAVEN.  No lie.  I'm so happy to not be crying over excel sheets any more, its like a whole new job again.  On the other hand I did F up the website something crazy yesterday.  Thank goodness for techy friends or I would be up (website) crap creek.

Mucho trips in the nearish future - little "holiday moon" next weekend (pre holiday crazies vacation escape).  We're heading to Mendocino to probably freeze our rears off.  But I don't care it will be nice to see pretty scenery and be somewhere else.  Then the following weekend we are making the epic drive to San Diego for thanksgiving.  I feel like its getting farther.  Is the state stretching?  Maybe I'm just getting lamer...hmmmm...  And then Christmas is at our house this year.  Dear sweet baby Jesus I have no idea how we are going to fit everybody in our tiny apt.  It will be full-sies.  But I'm really really excited.  (really!)

The only thing making life even better than it already was is the fact that its a freakin short week! SHORT WEEK.  Wednesday = Thursday = the BEST.

We already started Christmas shopping.  Which works out since the stores started Christmas Merchandise on October 31st and have completely disregarded thanksgiving.  We are probably 1/4 of the way through xmas shopping.  Do we really have this many loved ones?!  I think not...

The Paula Abdul station I just added on my Pandora is the SHIZNIT.  Just sayin.

And now this: (
A couple o' pics from the Anderson Family Apple Hill Adventure of  2011)

 Fritter Face!
Mmm mommy's head tastes Good!  Robyn & Derrick!
And don't we all just feel like this sometimes?!

 Peace out homies.  Happy Wednesday (WORKDAY THURSDAY!)


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