Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving - SoCal Style booyyzzzz

On Wednesday November 23rd around the 1:30pm hour (full of greasy in and out burger I might add) SP and I and Dodo the Dog (and enough belongings for 30 people) drove 9 hours to San Diego for a 72hour hug-eat-athon. 

And let me tell you.

It was A-to-the MAZING

I literally gained 3lbs.  And yes I know what literally means I've read THIS

We hugged the parental units and ate so much food and candy.  I mean my house is pretty much food jail (ie there is nothing that even remotely resembles sugar) but my parents' house is where the freed inmates go to feast because it was like processed sugar palooza in there.  And I loved every preservative filled calorie of goodness.  (dudes, pecan pie.  that's all I'm saying)

And then of course we did all of the truly thanksgivingy things that people do during I don't know, eat Mexican food for thanksgiving lunch.  (BOMB DIGGITY).  I mean it sounds counter intuitive to eat a meal before eating a meal - but it was the best thing ever.  It's now a tradition.  I deem it so.  And then God said, thou shalt eat California Burritos before the thanksgiving meal.  And they did.  And God saw that it was good.  And it was.  It was OHHH so good.

Pics of the "real" thanksgiving (not the pseudo mexi-thanksgiving)

Then in true thanksgiving tradition (its not a tradition but my mom gets mad when I say we don't have any traditions) we went to see some of our turkey friends at the Wild Animal park (which is now stupidly named the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, say that 5 times fast, or even once).  Which was still pretty awesome, despite one dumb name change.  I do enjoy some wild animals.  I did not enjoy the birds.  But the rest of my family enjoyed feeding the Lorakeets while I tried not to shriek like a 4 year old.  (I concede I did have to leave the enclosure early because I was on the edge of hyperventilating - I think I need bird hypnotherapy). 

We also saw some insane art at UCSD.  I'm pretty sure that insane art is the claim to fame for the University of California as a whole.  Amusing for the villagers though.

Art or insanity? You decide!

This is in November - I SWEAR!

So is this...what the what?!

 Cutie at the tidepools!

And I got a new iphone app (pudding) - and its in Korean (i think) so I really have no idea what I'm doing with it...See above, example A.

It feels very indulgent to go to the beach in November.  And actually want to take your shoes off.  It was le fabulous.  It is during these moments that I wonder why I left San Diego (that feeling is fleeting as I'm sitting in sh*tty traffic however). 

Besides our millions of activities SP and I also spent about 98% of the time trying to get the insane dog to stop growling at my poor father.  Why is my dog stranger-insane?  Ugh.  My dad tried hard.  I will give him credit.  My dog on the other hand... I think has one of those brains that resets every 30seconds.

Thanksgiving Weekend Synopsis:
Eat, drive, hug, sleep, eat, eat, parade on tv, eat, movies, wild animal park, eat, eat, hugs, sleep, beach, eat, hugs, eat, sleep, eat,hugs, drive, eat, eat, drive, eat, home!

So now I'm basically drinking enough water to drown a small elephant and force feeding SP and myself veggies to try to reverse in small amounts the damage we did to our arteries this weekend. 

PS UC Davis is still a powder keg.  See us in the big times here!
PPS I got hired for my job.  w00t employment!
PPPS: My mom gave me this (on loan):

Oh my prettyyyy
Let the MIXING PALOOZA BEGIN.  Send me your KitchenAid recipes stat.  Also this beauty needs a name, accepting suggestions now!

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