Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Part II or So this is what its like to have a big family.

You guys.

Do you know about big families?  Because I always thought my extended family was pretty big.  Granted we only saw them once a summer so it wasn't like I had that much exposure to the big family-osity, but I still thought I had one (a big family that is).  But what I thought I knew about big families, what I thought I had learned about chaos and loudness and crazy family time...I was wrong.

I had NO idea about big families.

I got my first good taste of the big familiness at 2nd christmas with SP's family.  (and yes I know its almost february and I'm writing about christmas but die hard christmas lovers get to hang on to the season for as long as they want, so suck on that!)

You guys there were so many presents.  Like so many.  The kids were just covered in mountains of paper and it was like a frenzy.  SP has 8 (count em on your 2 hands) nieces and nephews ranging in age from 8months of cute chubbiness to 10 (I think) years of adorableness.  And they are all firey and full of energy and have their own unique fabulous personalities.  I was in love.  And my ovaries were just screaming.  I'm pretty sure everybody could hear it.

It was stressful though.  I won't lie.  Going to anybody else's family event is always stressful though I think.  And Christmas (even if it is part 2) holds extra weight.

But all in all it was a delicious food/present/kid/dog frenzy.

Oh yeah did I mention we brought dodo with us?  Nothing like mixing the neurotic dog with 18 people and another dog.  oh mannnnnnnn.  She did really well though (I was a proud mama of my furbaby)  She played with the kids and didn't growl the entire time and didn't even bite anybody!  Talk about success ;)

And now a picture dump:

 Borrowed BABY!

Take my picture.  Take a picture of just my kitty.  The kitty and the unicorn want a picture together!

Somebody got her very own bike, and it was far and away the best reaction of the night.  It involved screaming and jumping!

And it was my birthday too :)

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