Thursday, January 12, 2012

The glam life!

Working from home.

It's the best.

It looks like this.

Oh I'm so glamorous!

I have so many ideas twirling around in my head these days but I haven't had any time to put them down for all of you to scrutinize.  They will come though, I know, all in good time.

Tonight, after a fabulous day of mindless paperwork in my pj's, SP and I have some burgers and a giant to-do list calling our names!  So much romance in this can not even be contained!

Most importantly - thank you for your good wishes and prayers and juju.  That shared good energy for my Uncle REALLY has made all of the difference.  After some emergency surgery he has stabilized.  Is breathing on his own (even though he now has pneumonia) is alert and awake and can even talk a little bit.  He is still very sick and there is very far to go.  But this is such a good turn for the better!  So thank you.  Because it means something to me!

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