Monday, May 27, 2013

Ch ch ch changes!

So its been pretty crazy around the Dranderson household these days.  Our lives took a pretty hard left turn last November when SP lost her job.  We didn't publicize it too much because it didn't really matter - it was just another drop in the bucket.  But after several months of being a stay at home wife and job hunting let's just say that SP's rope was fraying pretty damn fast.

Which is why I am very happy and proud to announce that SP landed a sweet new job at a very prestigious company up here.  She beat out several other contenders and starts TOMORROW!  It's a great job that has normal hours and weekends and holidays off so we may actually see each other regularly and be able to travel and make plans ahead of time!  And it seems like it will be a great place to work and in the field of SP's choosing!  Needless to say, we're pretty happy about this development!

And to really send things over the crazy cliff - the same week SP had her second interview for her dream job,  I interviewed for a new position.  And just recently found out that I got it!  I will be starting my new job part time in June (and staying part time at my current job until Nerd Camp is over in August) 

So it should be a pretty nutty few weeks (months?) around our house.  And poor crazy pup is going to have to learn to be home alone again :(  But it's really all for the best.  I should have known since I've been whining and whining about how things were NEVER going to change and we'd be stuck forever.  And then essentially everything changed at once.

But we did get to spend a really nice relaxing weekend with my (not so baby) baby brother.  Greek food festival, walk by the river, bratwursts at the local beer hall and the new star trek (SWOON)  I definitely carbed my way through the weekend.  But it was so worth it!

This is the part where the Greeks made me dance!  Italian is practically greek right?

There are no small portions at the Greek Food Festival!

Baby Brother and Bratwursts!

Let's talk about my love of pretzel rolls, vegan brats, and cheese sauce.  CHEES SAUCE. AMEN

Hope your long weekend was just as relaxing as ours!  

And of course - Many many thanks to the service men and women who have given so much!


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