Friday, June 28, 2013

Now you can have a REAL marriage.

This week my life changed forever.

Sounds dramatic right?  And it has been a pretty dramatic week for the LGBT community and really everyone.  But this is really the first time for me that a legal change has changed my every day life.  The striking down of DOMA and the overturning of Prop 8 have a dramatic affect on my life - especially because SP and I live in California.  

And to really seal the deal the stay was lifted WAY earlier than anticipated and California started marrying people TODAY! and not 25 days later (which is what we all were originally planning on).

And then I heard the comment from a family member - now you can have a real marriage.  They meant it as a kind gesture and I took it as such but it definitely got me thinking.  Was my marriage fake?

While I definitely cried when the news came out and was gloriously happy at the ability to finally have my marriage recognized under the law, it didn't change my marriage at all.

My marriage happened even before my wedding last September.  It happened when we decided that we were each other's forever.  When we decided we were in it for the long haul. When our lives and hearts were intertwined forever through secret promises made laying in bed, just the two of us.

So don't get me wrong.  This was an amazing victory for our country.  I am so so proud that our lawmakers and politicians are finally starting to do the right thing (I also think its RIDICULOUS that we're STILL talking about this but that's another story for another time)  But my marriage is already real.  And I'm loving married life let me tell you what.  I was meant for marriage.  I was meant to be dedicated to my soul mate.  I was meant to be a one woman woman (har har)  

But don't think we won't be running down to the clerk's office next week to get our marriage license.  Because we most DEFINITELY will.  Because even if I know my marriage was real, is real and always will be real, I REALLY want that real marriage license.  The one that is not only recognized by my state but also by my country.  How great is that to say?  Pretty dang great!

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