Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer, you heart breaker, you!

I've got the after-vacation blues something wicked!  It's been a pretty crazy transition out of two jobs, and then a week long vacation in beautiful San Diego with a super fun marriage celebration to boot.  Normal life is feeling...well...a little blah to be honest.  I know that I should revel in this whole relaxed, routine, I only work one job nonsense but it's feeling sort of let-downy right now.  Although I know it won't last long as we have our one year anniversary coming up (from the first REAL wedding!) and then another wedding - this time in Utah (road trip-oy!)

But man looking back on that last week of vacation, I can't help but yearn for the salty air, the beautiful sunsets, the leisure of no email.  Oh Summer, why you gotta break a girl's heart?!

 This is my clone, aka the one from whence I got ALL my DNA.  And gelato - yums!

Backyard summer dinner with my favorite parents :)

Spent an afternoon at the Botanical Garden, marveling at the things I cannot grow - BLACK THUMB!

Giant breakfast with my sister from another mister!
My mom grew this - I helped it fulfill it's destiny to become zucchini bread

 Gorgeous day at the gorgeous San Diego Mission

Italian beach babe!

SP breaks free of work and joins the party - Beach again!
Family minus one baby brother

 Danced our feet off at a beautiful Celebration of Marriage!

Sunset at the beach, lovely!
And this one kills me every time, why did I move away again?!

A true, proper, Sarah rambling is on it's way.  I know this blog has sort of derailed as of late, but my normal schedule (boo) should finally allow some more time for me to get all of my crazy out here on the internet on a regular basis.  And I have about a week to finish the honeymoon chronicles before it's our anniversary - Roma baby Roma!  More to come for sure!

Goodbye sweet summer, bring on Fall, my boots are a'waitin!


  1. Such pretty pictures! We live out here in the desert so anytime I see pictures of water and beautiful greenery I'm super jealous! It sounds like you two had a great trip. :)

  2. Seriously I'm so addicted to the beach - too bad I live 3 hours from a beach (which I know is nothing compared to where you are with the cacti and all!) Oh vacations!

  3. I miss the beach too!! I miss living a block and a half from the beach. Although that is pretty much all I miss about san diego.