Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Baby Girl - 1 Year Old Edition!

Dear Baby Girl,

On February 11th you turned 1 year old!

I still can't believe it a few weeks later. 

We had a birthday party for you this year - really a celebration that your mom and I had made it! We survived one whole year with you!  And I can honestly say, that while it was probably the hardest year yet, it was far and away the most breath-takingly amazing year of my life. I've never felt more like I'm my truest self-est Me than I have this year. Just like I always knew I would be a good wife, I also knew I was meant to be a Mama - and this year has only solidified that this, this mama-ing is me.

I am lucky though, because I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, easier baby. Of course you have your moments (like the part where you started throwing full on tantrums at 11 months...the Doctor says your advanced....lucky us?!) but in general you are so smiley. You eat everything (like EVERYTHING) and you sleep. And for those gifts your mom and I are so grateful.

Lately you've been really into the following:

-Saying Uh-oh
-Eating anything you can get your hands on and A LOT of it! I think eating is probably your favorite activity.  Even if you've already eaten, if somebody starts eating...you want some!
-Baby dolls - in all shapes and sizes
-Opening and closing doors and cabinets
-Trying really hard to say "Thank You"
-Signing please
-Cruising around the furinture
-Shaking your head back and forth like a maniac and laughing
-Skype-ing with Grandma and Grandpa
-Then Eating some more!

I can't imagine my life without you baby girl! You are the light of my life :)


And some scenes from your rockin 1st birthday party (PS...your mom and I have agreed...you're not having another birthday party for a LONNNGGGG time!)
Mommies and the Birthday Girl in the Flower Photo Booth

Aunties in the Photo Booth
Birthday Girl and her Buddy

Birthday Friendsies!

Buggy Bean Bag Toss!
Decorate your own cookie
The Aunties!
Fun in the Ball Pit
Plotting how to get ALLL that cake into your mouth!

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  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday!!! (Even if I already said it on FB, haha!)

    That whole "meant to be a Mama" thing, yep, that. I totally feel like that and you are absolutely right, you totally rock the Mama thing. Isn't it great when the universe kind of hands you exactly what you need to be the best you you can be?

    Also, of course she is advanced. Duh. I have been telling you that for months. I should know, we have a tantruming at 10 months old little genius over here as well. Heads up, year 2 is quite the ride so hold on :) Congrats on making it through year one, Mamas! She is the CUTEST and so well loved!!!!!