Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why finals week is the best! And other musings on no longer being a student...

What the happy non-zombie people look like...

You guys.  You know what's super awesome?


Ok but seriously.  I loved school.  I was the best at as a kid.  Loved it.  Conquered it.  Went to high school - was the best at that too.  And then I went to college and I struggled like crazy and then I LOVED it again.  So much in fact that I only waited 6 months and then I went back.  Because I'm masochistic like that.

After writing a thesis and nearly dying of a stress induced ulcer/heart palpitations.  And nearly killing SP and my closest friends with my panic attacks.  Along with nearly becoming a shriveled raisin of a person from crying so much.  After all of that I was done.  Like D-O-N-E.  Everybody told me:  Just wait you'll go back to school.  You'll get a phd you'll get another masters.  You're going to miss school so much you won't be able to go long at all with getting your school on.  Just wait Sarah, stay in school as long as possible, you're going to miss it it SO bad.

Well I have news for you friends.

I DON'T!!!

I love being a working shmuck.  I love not having homework.  I love not worrying about tests and quizzes and maniacal professors who like to smother me in papers and busy work.  I love not competing against my classmates!  And worrying about the curve.  And and and.

And I LOVE LOVE not having finals week.  Not studying every waking (and non-waking moment) for a test that feels like it determines your entire future.  Like you might actually just die if you don't get an A on this test.  In fact the apocalypse may start spontaneously if you don't get an A on this test. And the weight of that causes you to possibly:
A) throw up blood
B) develop a tick
C) shake and eat your own hair in a corner
D) all of the above

You guys, not having that pressure.  It's the most amazing feeling in the world.  As I watch the poor students wander zombie like around our building at work.  With stains on their shirts and their hand forever cramped from their all night scribbles and a coffee mug permanently attached to their other hand, I feel so sorry for them.  I want to stop them and tell them that in a year they aren't going to feel that panic rising up in their throats as they walk into their classroom.  They aren't going to have to schedule their lives around their homework.  They aren't going to have to buy 3x5 cards ever again, because really what else do you use those for?  I want to pat them on the back, give them a drink of water to flush out all that caffeine, and tell them that they won't always be THAT tired, that the weight of the world does not depend on their grade in their o-chem class.  That if they have to take calculus again, that their families will not disown them, and they will not fail at life.  I want to remind them that in the big scheme of things, its just one grade and one class.  

It's all going to be ok.  Just take a breath and a shower.

Yeah, I definitely don't miss that you guys.  Not even one little bit.

You guys.  Being an adult ROCKS.

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