Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chinese Food Easter

  Kori "Celebrating" Easter

I'm a big holiday buff.  Mostly I love them (eh on v-day but we won't go THERE again) Give me some adorable deco and a reason to try new foods and I'm down for learning about traditions and cultures, religions and events.  Diwali?  Yes.  Kwanaza sure. Christmas (obvs) Passover? you betcha.  

Weirdly Easter has never been that big of a deal to me in terms of the celebratory portion.  I understand fully (and appreciate) the deep religious significance behind the holiday for Christians (having grown up "An Easter Peoples" - a Catholic for those of you who didn't spend 20 years of your life on a VERY hard pew)  I guess I'm not into pastels?  And ham is great and all but I don't need a holiday for an excuse to have some highly salted meats.  Easter brings back happy childhood memories of course...but it's not the same as other holidays for me.  Easter doesn't have the same build up.  (Or maybe it doesn't have the same highly commercialized status as Christmas and I really am just a shmuck...mmmmm...)  I never decorate.  We never do anything huge on the day.  In fact it was often a sunday we stayed away from church (my mom wasn't into crowds, and I've gained that fun genetic trait and multiplied it by 1million...clausterphobia...lets all say it together now)

But now I've inherited another family's holiday traditions on top of my family's somewhat non traditional views on easter (except for all those holiday celebrating shut ins of course)  So we spent Saturday with SP's family.  And the nature of having 2 infants, 6 kids, 2 dogs, and 10 adults means there's a little more hubbub surrounding all holidays, even ones that I haven't always put a lot of stock in.

As a heads up I took ZERO pictures, my hands were full of chubby baby cheeks, so you will have to use your imagination.  Let me tell you what.  I'm going to have to have a steady stream of toddlers in my life because they make every event about a millionty times better.  There was a delicious dinner full of sunshine and rag ball and duck duck goose.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Sun shinning full of laughter and hilarious things coming out of the mouths of babes.  Like one little girl cousin saying to the other little girl cousin "we're just ADORABLE aren't we?!" or the exclamation upon opening a "special" egg with $1.00 in it "HOLY POPCORN!"  It was very relaxing (minus Kori still trying to nip and herd small children, um yeah, we'll be calling the dog whisperer again soon).  All in all a nice day with (a lot) of happy people.

So to continue the Easter festivities on Sunday we...wait for it... did nothing.  Almost literally. Although I did wake SP up at DAWN to go to church with me.  It was still dark. And maybe the internet said mass was at 7:00am when in fact it was at 7:30 (oopsie shmoopsie)  But we made it.  We looked nice. And neither of us was smited.  Smote? Smitten...I don't know.  But there was no lightening in our general area.  Then we went out to brunch and stuffed ourselves full of eggs and tea and french toast and it was everything I dreamed Easter brunch should be - tons of food and almost nobody awake yet!  Easter afternoon was filled with one good bestie who joined us for a truck load of Chinese food and a disturbing number of chocolate eggs.  We literally laid on the couch, watching episodes of Shahs of Sunset, Chopped, and many other terribly trashy television shows.  If Gluttony and Sloth don't scream Easter then, really, I don't know what does!

All in all it was beautiful and slow and covered in sunshine. Practically perfect in every way.  (And I'm holding onto that sunshine inside of me as long as I can because the forecast says rain for the next 5 days...blegh)  But you know what? This Easter, it was one for the books.  Not because it was something extraordinarily out of the ordinary but because it left me feeling brighter then before.  Life really surprises you sometimes.  I'll just leave you with that tidbit to roll around in your mouth for awhile.

And now for your viewing pleasure...what my dog really thinks of me:

Just another piece of furniture in her life...
Hope your holidays (and your everydays!) are treating you well!

Sunshine Besos!

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