Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 years ago today...

...God put you on this earth for me.

So really it was 30 years from last Friday but whatever.  And I'm also not going to presume why God puts any of us on this planet.  But I like to think one of the reasons SP & I are here on this planet was to find each other and build our lives and our family together.  So there's that.

On Friday my lovely wife turned the dirty 30.  Why is it dirty you ask?  It's really not.  In fact SP says it's the clean 30' in clean slate.  20's are for the birds (and me for a few more years)

Celebrating for SP is a major undertaking.  She doesn't like surprises (control freak - we're made for each other) she doesn't like big celebrations, she likes to pick out her own things - so presents are, to say the least, challenging.  So when posed with the, what will we do for SP's 30th birthday? question, a really big birthday that happens to fall a few months fresh off a wedding and a whirl wind trip to Europe, I was a little bit stumped.  Buying things for SP (physical objects) is mostly like ripping my hair out one strand at a time.  Up to now I'd say the best physical present I've ever purchased for her is an electronic toothbrush - no joke, sistah likes her teeth clean!  So since I already bought her a toothbrush and we can't fit any more "stuff" into our apartment, and I'm not buying a house without her - I knew stuff wasn't the answer.

I had joked a few months ago about going to LA to see "The Book of Mormon the musical" for SP's birthday (she's pretty much a music, musical, theater freak) and then promptly put no more thought into.  Thinking we couldn't possibly do another trip.  Could we? 


And then I bit the bullet and bought the tickets and pretended like I was going to do a surprise trip (fail) and whisk SP away.

***ASIDE*** SP if you are reading this now, please don't expect any future surprises.  Ever.  The End *** Aside over***

I gave up on the surprise idea about a week ahead of time.  But I did try to take care of some of the details (you know like the having a place to stay and getting there and such)

All in all I would say
not-so surprising, surprise birthday weekend  was pretty fabulous.  At least it was for me, I hope it was for SP as well.

We drove down, saw some of the Hollywood sights (oh you know like that one famous theater and some handprints and some stars and stuff) We met up with one best friendsie face whom I have been aching for and saw the Griffith observatory (which is MAGNIFICENT - even if LA is covered in a perpetual blanket of smog) we stuffed ourselves full of Thai food, and whole foods salad bar, and cookies and leftover Halloween candy.  We saw an amazing show (disclaimer - if you are going to see it, it's pretty offensive to Mormons and pretty explicit in language in general - that being said the music and production were out of this world)  And we spent 6 hours in the car talking and laughing and singing (backstreet boys revival)

We also went to Knott's Berry Farm - where we learned we are TOO OLD for Roller Coasters.  It was super fun though!

Practiced Tourists at WORK
The only nature in the LA area
Mounted Police - Not a sight I associate with LA...hmmm...

Illegal pictures inside the theater ;)

I think 30 is going to be a good year for SP.  I think SP at 30 is going to be good for me too. Now I have an older wiser woman to look up to ;)  JK SP (sort of)  30 is coming to us at a good time.  A time when we are building and building and building.  We have so many exciting things in our future.  And so many scary things.  But I can't wait for them, because they are with you. 

My sweet SP, you are the raddest.  Every single morning I wake up and kiss you good morning I thank God and my sweet stars that you are mine, that you are you, and that we found each other.  My life is full because of you.  I am more ME because of you.  You are the most selfless and loving person I've ever met - and to be on the receiving end of that love and sacrifice is a gift I will never be able to fully repay.  Thank you for your laughter, your smile, your unending hope and encouragement and work.  Thank you for choosing me.  And your welcome for not throwing you a huge over the top 30th birthday - that is my
REAL gift to you.  Happy Birthday my love!  Here's to 70 more!

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