Monday, November 19, 2012

The Dreams are in the Details

Just a few of my oh so little dreams.

1) Babies.  But lets not EVEN go there.  One day one day.  I know that up there somewhere the babies are waiting to come to me
2) For the entire house to be clean and organized at the same time.  We're pretty close my friends and I can't wait!
3) Kori will sit still and let me cut all of her nails at the same time and I will not make her bleed.  This one clearly is going to be a never actualized dream
4) That SP and I will one day have all of our finances mapped out and will keep better track of what we are spending and where and when and why.  We're pretty good with money now but there's plenty of room for improvement.
5) To run a marathon.  I really want to make this one a reality.  Currently my body is really against this little dream.
6) To better hone my meatless recipe skills and actually have meatless Mondays regularly
7) Find and Participate in a church that fulfills my soul the way that church used to fill me up
8) To make more adult friends.  Or maybe just strengthen the adult friends I have now.
9) To give some one a blow your socks off present that is exactly what they wanted and completely unexpected
10) To own a little house and make it ours.  To build it up and decorate it and love it into our family

One currently completed dream.  A clean and functional and decorated guest room.  SP and I have decided that now that it’s all done this clearly means we will be moving in the near future.  This seems to be our fate – get everything in the home the way that you like it, the way it is functional and perfectly beautiful just for us – and then we MOVE and start all over again.

But alas, for now.  Here are some (very) amateur pics of what we are affectionately calling the Buddha Room.  

Some of my cluttered beautiful dreams of crafting and reading and planning for the future, all captured in one room.  I’ve whispered my secrets to this room and for now…that’s where they’ll stay.  More to come my friends.  So much more!

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