Friday, November 16, 2012

What I liked about today

What I liked about today:
1)   My outfit.  Nothing crazy fashinosta. But I liked it.  Trouser Jeans are the solution to all work related outfit problems.  Of this I’m sure.  Amen
2)   Going to a staff development class and realizing that my 26 (almost 27) years have given me quite a myriad of experiences.  Sometimes many more experiences than others who are much much older than me.  Older isn’t always wiser.
3)   Lunch with a best friend who always makes me laugh.  Who always makes me feel known and loved.  
4)   Talking to my parents on the phone.  And the awkward way they talk over each.  And the way my mom always talks loud, louder, loudest ;) 
5)   The smell and the sound of the rain
6)   Hanging out with my puppy in my sweat pants

She's really not as into me as I am into her...
This bodes well for the weekend my friends, it bodes very well...

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