Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's My Birthday and I'll....

...Be an old lady if I want to....

Well I'm closing out another year and ringing in another new one...again...  But this one is my personal new year (that and everybody else born on this date (well...the 6th technically) of course, but in my world it's mine)  It is the first year where I think I'm starting to feel older.  I mean not like OLD OLD - SP reminds me regularly that old isn't until you hit at least 90yrs old.  But I just feel like my age I guess.  I'm an adult.  Like a real one.  And that's sort of weird soemtimes.  I'm married for goodness sake.  And I am hurtling towards 30 at a somewhat terrifying rate.  I mean not that I'm afraid of 30 (I'm not, I'm sort of looking forward to it to be honest) but the passing of time is going really really quickly.  I'm long out of undergrad now.  and long long (depending on who you talk to) out of highschool.  But mostly its the life benchmarks that keep me feeling older - like the being so insanely stable.  And the wanting to stay in on new years instead of out and crazy.  And the desire to talk about the future and buying houses and having kids - and not in that one day maybe wistful sort of way, but in the this is really gonna happen, planning sort of way.  It's pretty nuts.  And it's my life.  

And the crazy part is.  I.LOVE.IT.

Being an old stable lady really is for me.

So stop rambling and get on with what I actually did for my birthday you say?  You got it!

Well on Friday SP made an adorable dinner in.  And by made I mean picked up from our favorite Italian restaurant and we ate it by candle light and it was fabulous.  On Saturday we spontaneously decided to head to San Francisco to see the "painted ladies," walk the Fisherman's wharf, visit the Musee Mechanique, and eat ice cream at Ghiradelli Square.  My bestie even met us there!  It was the perfect day.  And on Sunday I spent my entire day in my stretchy pants.  We even ate lunch in bed while watching trashy rom com's.  Oh SP, she indulges me so.  Best birthday yet and they're only getting better!

 The Beautiful Painted Ladies

 My gorgeous baby on the gorgeous pier

Delicious Cafe Lunch at the Bean Bag Cafe (YUM)

Musee Mechanique 

Chocolate Paradise

And how my REAL birthday started out.  Coffee and my FURBABY

And that's a WRAP!  26 over and OUT.

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