Thursday, January 3, 2013

January is for Lovers

Lovers on New Year's Day...hence my lazy eye
Everybody thinks that February is for lovers... but I disagree.  I think that January is perfect for lovers.  It’s cold and ideal for snuggling.  It’s a fresh month, everybody is jazzed and ready for a clean slate.  All that happy healthy crispy fresh air.  I don’t know, seems pretty dreamy and lovey to me.

I’m feeling surprisingly inspired this January.  I don’t know what it is.  I still am struggling inside with what I’m doing with my life and making it mean something to me (and to other people) but for the first time in a long time I feel like maybe there is a chance I can take charge and turn my life into picture perfect perfection.  And even if it’s not perfect, I already have truly grown to love my imperfect life.  And while 2012 was crazy busy and full of some truly momentous occasions, one of my greatest accomplishments, I think, in 2012 was becoming more grateful.  What I didn’t realize (somehow) is that gratefulness is a craft.  And a lot of work.  You don’t just become happy, sparkles, and full of bliss out of nowhere.  You become aware of all that you have and all of your potential slowly, painfully and with meticulous crafting. 

And as part of this fabulous growth process I’m learning to love myself more (see how I tied that all in there?)  I’ve been watching all these insane food documentaries (Forks Over Knives, Hungry for Change, Vegucated…just a few of the latest) that have essentially made me terrified of what I’m putting into my body.  And while I know myself and know that there is absolutely no chance of me going straight to an all vegan diet I know that at least switching to a vegetarian diet will do my body good.  That and the fact that I no longer have an unlimited supply of Christmas cookies at my disposal anymore (thanks mom…)  But another part of making myself healthiest and happiest is learning to love myself no matter what my body looks like outside.  I am not my body.  This is something, that along with gratefulness, I need to learn and work on.  Yes, I inhabit my body.  No, I don’t think I should just throw my hands up and let myself gain 800lbs (because I could, trust me).  But I need to recognize that I am so much more than my hair, and my skin, and my weight.  And this is something I’m going to have to craft.  So my ultimate resolution, goal, intention (whatever you want to call it) for 2013 is to accept and love myself as fully as I can and continue to develop myself.  I am working really hard at changing my mindset.  And slowly but surely I have felt myself creeping back into my bones.  And the new parts building and growing and feeling myself grow into who I’m truly meant to be.  And I’m pretty cool.  I really am.  The other day SP said to me, you seem so happy, so light.  And I REALLY am.  Really nothing has changed either.  In fact there have been a few challenges lately that I’m pretty sure in the past could have derailed me seriously but they haven’t.  So I guess I really am growing…awww yeaahhh boiiis! 

So I hope you are all out there loving yourselves too, because, gosh darn it, we deserve it!


And on a side note – in the vein of growing and changing (and testing my vegetarian skillz ) I will now be contributing to this cooking blog: Cooks Unlimited  You should check it out and tell me if you want to see any specific non-meat recipies…


  1. Thank for putting a smile on my face...I'm really happy for you =}

  2. Thanks Anonymous, you put a smile on my face :)