Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Every year I think to myself, next year cannot possibly be more packed than this year has been.  And once again I find myself thinking the same things.  Such as…HOW in the world did we possibly fit this much into a year…and…where in the world did this year go…and this year, this one was one for the books….and other silly clichés like that.

And yet…

They are all true.  I’m astounded how fast 2012 disappeared and how amazing it was.  Generally I’m ready to barrel into a new year when it comes along, but this year I’m feeling surprisingly nostalgic about 2012.  It had a good ring to it with a 0 a 1 and two 2’s that 2012.  And it was full of some really delicious memories.  My heart…it grew at least 6 sizes this year, at least…

And so now in all its glory is my 2012 blog/life in recap:

In January we try juicing and ask for some prayers (they worked by the way my uncle is doing AMAZING).   I work at home a lot which is both amazing and terrible.  I dabble in the idea of being present.  We have Christmas on SP’s side and I start my induction into the big big family.  My other family gets the cutest puppy ever – he turns out to be a 100lb bear…

Hunter DIES (poor car) and we go car shopping and buy Rusty.  I love Rusty but car shopping is still the pitts mostly.  We host vegan super bowl at our house and pretty much lose our American card.  Valentine’s day is cheesy and SP melts my heart adorably.

Work starts to take over all my time again – as is the usual for me around this time of year.  I am now able to live outside the law as I have no fingerprints.  I remember that even though working is really hard sometimes I’m REALLY glad I’m not in school anymore.  I also write a letter to my body acknowledging that even though I don’t give it credit, this mortal body has done me well…

We have Easter and it is really low key and fabulous and we are lazy.  The BYU kids make an it get’s better video and it really moves me and gives me some perspective.  I start talking about my body and weight loss again…oy.

I try to grow plants.  Its exciting (they are pretty much dead now…I’m not going to lie to you).  I talk about gay babies and how being gay should no longer be an issue (and solidify my naivete).  I also go cooking crazy.

This month starts to get insane as we’re heading quickly towards my program start.  My plants are still alive at this point.  I have essentially no free time again.

I’m officially crazy but my program goes so so well.  KNOCK ON WOOD for next year!  We celebrate July 4th and we are happy (even if I’m crazy)

I make it through my fabulous program and have this weird Now What? feeling.  We go to the beach as is tradition!  We get crazy crazy about wedding planning and I learn a lot of things about myself and life.

SP and I get Married and it is a truly glorious day!  We go to Europe and September completely disappears. 

I get back from the whirlwind of the wedding and Europe and have my 5 millionth quarter life crisis and question everything…again.  On a lighter note, I get to play with some really adorable kitties and go waterskiing in OCTOBER.  I love California!  I finally start writing about our AMAZING honeymoon with installment one in LONDON!

SP TURNS 30!  Essentially the most exciting part of Novemeber.  Against all sanity we take another trip and go to LA for a weekend to celebrate and see The Book of Mormon the Musical.  I realize that I’m really terrible at taking care of my body and eating well.  We finally redecorate our spare room and it’s beautiful and full of my dreams and whispered hopes.  We have thanksgiving at our little house.  It’s nice and reminds me to be grateful all the time.

I get nostalgic and dream a little dream out into the interwebs.  I write about the 3rd love of my life, Paris.  Oh man I wish I was there now!  My heart breaks.  I can’t write anything else about it.  We face the world ending again – we’re still here ;)  We go to San Diego for Christmas and I realize I miss my parents ALL the time!  I think about the coming year.  And now we’re all the way around!


Dear 2013 – do me well and I promise to do the same for you.  I plan to be the best version of myself possible.  A little bit kinder, a little bit stronger, a little bit more loving, and a little bit better than I was this past year.  2013 I know you and I can be great together, I know we can make amazing memories and do great things.  I’m so grateful for every moment and I can’t wait for another year of joy and love and challenges and growth.  So bring it 2013 because I’m comin' for ya, fists a blazin!


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