Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Little Light in a Big World. One More Angel.

Its no surprise to you all that I read a lot of blogs.  And especially now that SP and I are planning on starting a family my reading of lesbian mommy blogs has been out of control.  I don’t know any of these women or their children but I’ve followed their stories and their trials and their triumphs as they succeed in bringing their dreams to this world.

But tonight my heart is incredibly heavy for a child and a family that I never met. 

Today these women lost their child to cancer.

And to this big world it may mean nothing.  But to them it means the world.  I can’t conceive of the crushing weight of losing a child.  It’s unbearable to even imagine. 

And so tonight.  I am sending all of my love and light and everything I have in my heart to these women.  Who today lost their world. 

And this big world lost one little light today.

But we gained one more angel.

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