Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Treading water - in white water rapids

You guys.

It's been one hell of a ride lately around here my friends.

Let me just start out by saying - no babies.  No babies no babies no babies.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move onto this little piece of news...

We bought a house!

I'm not going to lie to you, purchasing a house prior to the age of 30 is making me feel pretty damn powerful these days.  A good thing too because let me tell you what, to buy a house (in California none the less) is no small feat.  

It takes several things:
1) Wine (if you're me, like 9 bottles or so...)
2) Patience (oh yes, clearly my forte)
3) Ability to not become emotionally attached (again with my forte)
4) A patient and loving spouse (thankfully I won the lottery on this one!)
5) All your money, and then some you don't have as well (oh sweet lord help me)
6) Kleenex (get the costco pack, you're going to need it)
7) A zenlike demeanor (BWAHAHAHA)

Luckily we worked with amazing people (if you live in norcal and need a recommendation let me know!)  Otherwise the process would have been terrifying beyond belief.  Instead it was only marginally terrifying (since handing over so much money in one big cashiers check is pretttyyy terrifying in any situation)  

Buying a house is also a good way to test your marriage.  You survive buying a house and you're probably doing pretty well.  Because let me tell you what, "we're buying and moving into a new house sarah" - she's a BIOTCH for lack of a better word.  She's snappy, cranky, sleep deprived and her control freaky-ness is off the charts (like in the stratosphere!)  But seriously people, it shouldn't be that bad should it?  Shouldn't buying a house be shiny and happy and full of gauzy smiley pictures.  Yeah.  My experience was not that way.  Most of the time I was freaking out - in a good way generally- but freaking out none-the-less.  It was happy, but it was no sparkles and rainbows - it was work!

We were "moved in" less than a week and we had our first house guests this past weekend. Luckily it was just my family because it looked like a natural disaster went off in the garage (and the master bedroom...the kitchen's wasn't great either)  But alas, everybody had a place to sleep and there is more than one bathroom - so it was pretty much shangr la!

To add insult to injury I spent the 5 days prior to the big move on Jury Duty!  w00t!  And while the process was fascinating, the timing literally couldn't have been worse - work is super busy, life is super busy. I suppose there really is no GOOD time for jury duty but still, come on universe, throw a sister a bone.

I have to say though, waking up in the morning thinking - this is our house - is a pretty amazing feeling.  Even if there is still much work to be done, and an old crappy apartment to clean etc etc

And maybe one of these days we'll get to turn one of these rooms into a nursery...but that's another story, for a less sleep deprived day.

Hope you all are well, I miss you blog people!


P to the S: we have no internet yet in the new place (yes I know, blasphemy!) so no pictures for a little while...


  1. Big, HUGE congratulations on becoming a home owner! I can't wait to see pictures. :)

    1. Thanks :) It's exciting (and exhausting!) Pictures soon :)

  2. Home ownership, woo hoo!!!! Get some internet ASAP so we can see some pictures!!!!

    As for babies, yea, right there with you. Sigh. Life has gotten away from me lately as far as blogland but I am reading every post (usually from my phone where it is hard as hell to comment from without it disappearing somewhere in web world) and think of you often. I keep waiting for a "Hey guys guess what?" post to pop up here from you detailing the next adventure in life.

    1. Yes no internet is really not cool...we won't be doing that again...and yes I promise pictures soon, it never all seems to be clean at the same time.

      Sigh indeed. I've been thinking about you a lot lately too and waiting for the updates. I've been composing a very long comment in my head for awhile now for you PW post but I'm thinking I'll just email you soon... new deets soon. Have fun on vacay (I'm jealous!)