Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - the Thursday Edition! (Vol. 1)

My good bloggy friend over at Little Monsters and Mommies posted a challenge this week to put a little more good in the world.  And you all know I'm a big fan of that.  Granted I'm a day late...but I promise I'm not a dollar short!

Wonderful Wednesday Series

We NEED more positive in this world. It does not have to be elaborate, though that is always welcome, and can be a simple picture or a short few sentences of something, someone, anything, that you think is wonderful. If you feel inclined to do the same, be sure to leave a link to your Wonderful Wednesday in the comment section so others may enjoy it as well!

So here goes, Wonderful Wednesday (Thursday) Vol. 1

I was re-reading this post the other day and have been focusing on putting on my "perspectacles" lately.  And then today I came across this article on huff post and my perspectacles were attached directly to my heart this morning while I cried silently at my desk.  I cried because I feel so blessed, I cried because the world lost another brave and beautiful person much too soon, and I cried because sometimes I forget just how lucky I am - and that is its own kind of tragedy.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened lately, but that's just it - the ordinary can be oh so wonderful too!

So in no particular order here's some wonderful as of late:

Learning to Jam with my mother in law.  And the living breathing reminder that grace has the capacity to heal all.

A growing babe.  And access to fantastic healthcare and doctors who work hard to keep us safe and give us the best information they can.

And fake baby bumps

A chance to spend time with my parents and enjoy some sunshine before they went abroad for a few months.

 The visit may also have included a quick trip to the ALL christmas store!

The international sand castle competition was pretty sweet to say the least

Celebrating love and a chance to shake our groove thing at the last wedding of the season.

Patient fur babies, who wiggle with joy and lick all the tears away.

Anniversaries - our 2nd anniversary of our first wedding ;)  Celebrated with smores and a harry and david box from my parents.

A perfect homemade pear crostata (even I was impressed with myself for coming up with this one!)

And a holiday season that is rapidly approaching (its less than 18 now!)

And Rainbows that greet you on your drive to work!

Gratitude turns everything into enough.  In fact putting on your perspectacles makes everything more than enough!  

Life is wonderful! Thanks for adding to my wonderful-ness my friends!



  1. I'm loving the 'Wonderful Wednesday' idea & hope it continues to grow! Here's my WW post
    PS congrats on the baby! :)

  2. Thursday or not, these are ALL wonderful!!! Of course I am partial to the growing babe and the jars of jam!!! Priorities, I know ;)