Thursday, July 14, 2016

SBL 2016 - Updates!

Dear Beautiful Friends,

This world has been a dark and terrifying place in the past few months.  I am still grappling with all of it.  I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around these deaths. Around the deaths of my LGBT brothers and sisters. Around the deaths of my black brothers and sisters - and around the fear and injustice and hate they face on a regular basis. And just today another moment of heinousness in Nice, France.  It all seems like so much.  Too much.  The despair and sadness makes me feel like I can't breathe. I hope that one of these days I will have some eloquent words and my hope back.  But right now I can't figure out either of those.  So instead I'm going to babble on about my summer bucket list - one small thing I have control over.  But please know, that I too am hurting and hoping and trying. #blacklivesmatter



Well Summer is rapidly going by so I guess I better see how we're doing on said bucket list so here goes. A few weeks ago grandma and grandpa came to visit and we went to feed some farm animals and hung out and played.  

We were a little scared at first

Saying Hi to the Bunnies

Brave Girl feeds the Goats!

Silly Mama, Silly Baby Girl

Goats were the favorite!
Playing blocks with Grandpa!

Then we headed down south to attend a beautiful friends wedding. 

We Clean-Up Ok!

 Somebody got her GROOVE thang on!

 The venue was Ah-MAZING

And then we stayed for a whole week to enjoy the sun and the sand and the burritos and to hang out with grandma and grandpa again and enjoy a night away for wifey and I!

 Beach babes!

 This horse was the DEVIL until the day before we left.  
She literally wouldn't go near it...And now Ride em' Cowgirl!

Did you know ice cream flights are a thing?!  AN AMAZING THING!

It was an amazing much much needed week off!  

The 2016 Summer Bucket List

1) Go Camping (first weekend in August - w00t!)
2) Baby Girl Swimming Lessons (Start Next week!)
3) Summer Vacation Trip! - CHECK
  • Beach Day  - Did it and Baby Girl HATEDDDD IT ;)  But it got better with a little bit of time and exposure
  • Zoo or Sea World - didn't happen, but we decided it would be better when Baby Girl is older
  • So many so-cal burritos - OHHH YEAHHH
  • Tide Pooling - went to the beach but not specifically tide pooling
  • Pageant of the Masters - SO AWESOME!  Would recommend to ANYONE!
4) Day in San Francisco
5) Day in Sutterville (or other small town in the area)
6) Fix up master bathroom
7) Get counter-tops or floors done (or at least prepare to do them)
8) Clean up backyard (In Progress thanks to my amazing wifey pants)
9) Mom's movie night
10) Brunch with friends (monthly?) (Want more!)
11) Keep my tomato plant alive (Yeah it's dead as a door nail...)
12) Organize Garage (In Progress!)
13) Hiking
14) Professional baseball game
15) Swimming/ Play at the new Splash Park (Want to go again and we still haven't made it to the splash park. But swimming lessons start next week - so THAT should be speical)
16) Movie in the Park - maybe this isn't going to happen since our kiddo is going to bed at 6pm these days! (yay!)
17) Do a 5k? (depends on our schedule...and my laziness!)
18) Overnight at the Beach - sort of done?
19) Prep for Baby #2 - Setting up doc appts and trying to cut down on the amt of crap I eat
20) Family Pictures

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