Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas a la the Drandersons**

**Dranderson - Driver/Anderson

For Christmas I got:
-a week with my parents
-a weekend with 8 adults and 1 insane dog crammed into our tiny apartment
-one missing wallet (SP’s, not mine, but still no good)
-a last minute trip to the nutcracker (w00t)
-Gunther’s ice cream.  Twice
-my first xmas dinner off without a hitch (and yes it was Christmas picnic, but what are you gonna do)
-lovin’ feelins
-2 cuisenart chopper/grinders (Santa and SP know me oh so well)
-Diabetes. (ok maybe not but damn close)

It was quite the Driver Christmas palooza.  Got to spend some quality time with the parentals.  We mostly hung out and played with the dog (who suddenly decided she didn’t hate my entire family).  We also took a tour of the capitol building which was interesting and decked out for Christmas (and Hanukah…if one menorah counts as decorating for Hanukah).

We also went to see the nutcracker on a spontaneous decision and it was FABULOUS.  Very well done, beautiful dancers and costumes and so much fun and very Christmassy.  I of course took no pictures.  Mmmm

Over the weekend my grandparents, brother and his girlfriend joined the party.  Thus packing 8 full grown adults into a tiny 2 bedroom townhouse.  Yeah.  We made it work people (a la Tim Gunn).  Decorated cookies, looked at Christmas lights and ate some amazing amazing ice cream.  Dudes.  If you live in the Sacramento area and you love ice cream (if you don’t we can’t be friends) you must go to Gunthers immediately.

Everybody getting in on the Cookie Decorating Fun!

SP's Masterpieces!
Final products before they were quickly consumed

Christmas morning was slow (hey...we're all old around here and stuff).  We ate leftover ham and eggs and bread and such.  We opened (a million) presents.  We spent time together watching crappy you tube videos and just laughing.

Christmas day love :)
Kori's Giant Christmas Present

Grandma and granddad join the Berkeley clan
The Queen MUM
All in all I would say it was practically perfect in every way.

And the best part...we're doing it all over again in a week and half with the Anderson side of the family.  Which is lovely for oh so many reasons.

I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday weekend (Christmas if that is your thing...)  Much love and good feelings during this happy non-denominational winter celebratory season!


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