Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For better or worse

I made this last week:

It wasn't quite the maiden voyage of the kitchenaid (NAME HER PLEASE, I NEED HELP!) as there was quick batch of chocolate chip cookies prior to this situation.  But dudes (I like to say dudes) Me and kitcheaid we made BREAD.  And It is pretty dern good if I do say so myself.  The fact that I can whip up baked goods on a moments notice my not be so good.  But whatever, I love my kitchenaid.  I love her so much I might marry her! niener niener

Then I saw this on my walk:

Looks like your average run of the mill postal box does it not?!  But don't be fooled good readers - it is in fact some kind of street art installation, as it has no mail slot/door and it gets moved around the city at various times.  I've now seen it on several different street corners.  I love running into the mailbox! 

Last full week of work before the fam damily (parents, brother and girlfriend, and 2 northeastern grandparents) descend upon our tiny apartment.  There is much to do prior to the christmas-ing that's about to happen - like oh I don't, about 47 loads of laundry.  Why people, why do I keep waiting until the laundry is to the ceiling to take care of it?!  Laundry issue aside, there is a present mountain to wrap, a house to clean, and a christmas menu to plan.  Anybody got any suggestions (please remember that I only have one small oven/kitchen area - no feasts).  Also I have to figure out how to seat 8 people in a townhouse that really only holds 3 on a good day....oh little house you will be bursting at the seems!  Also is it appropriate to have picnic christmas?  And, while SP and have done all of christmas shopping for everybody else (hence the present mountain) I have yet to do a drip of shopping for somebody pretty importante - SP herself! yikesy yikes!


PS I think you all should follow my blog so I can brag about all my cool friend/readers…just sayin’

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  1. If that bread is the same bread we ate last night then dern straight it was good!!!! Kitchen Aids are so amazing.