Friday, December 9, 2011

Wherin Santa's workshop moved into our apartment

Remember when I told you I was levelheaded (HA)..

Not when it comes to decorating!  And this year I (some how by the grace of all things holy) convinced SP that she should allow me to decorate our tiny apartment within an inch of its life.  Because, my argument went, my family is coming - WHINE.  I mean really I just love christmas decorations.  And SP she just doesn't get it.  Like the whole buying decorations and making your house look kind of like a store window exploded.  But dudes, the smell of christmas tree in the morning is probably the best smell in the world (right after the coffee brewing in the morning of course - because lets be honest that is a sacred experience).

So last weekend (after several fits about how if we didn't get a tree NOW we would never get a tree and we would be stuck with charlie brown's tree and it wouldn't smell good etc etc) SP took me over to the local tree emporium and we picked out a beaut.  I mean Humphrey the tree (its a boy this year, I just know) he is just gorgeous.  And he is quite out of character for me.  I'm generally a fluffy fatty tree kind of girl.  But Humphrey with his sparse Douglass fir branches is skinny and shiny and smells amazing.  And surprisingly taking in water (WHAT?!)  Lets just say that this is quite shocking after last year's tree adventure (in which SP and I got a tree at 10pm and it was raining and the tree guy didn't cut the bottom and then we had a muddy wet tree in our house that was dying because the trunk was sealed and not taking in any water)  Humphrey, my boy, is a big drinker.  Lush.

Kori is so oblivious its amazing.  I mean the fact that destructor herself has not unhinged her jaw and engulfed the entire tree is kind of a christmas miracle in and of itself.  She did for a little while think that every round ornament was a ball but we quickly cured that idea from her head (now she destroys blankets and her own toys etc)

And now, what our apartment looks like after santa and sparkles threw up all over it...

Bowl full of SPARKLES!

Humphrey in all his glory :) 
Homemade ornaments because we like the project-ing

Oh heyyyy!

Have you heard of table "scatter"?
This is what it looks like! (and yes that white thing is a candle holder with no candles)

He is affectionately referred to as "Scary Santa"

I did however make SP move the Tree ALL OVER THE APARTMENT before I could be settled in our Christmas Apartment Decorating Implosion.  Humphrey is happily settled in front of the window now I will have you know. 

It may be a bit much but it's pretty cheery don't you think?! 

Happy Christmas-ing if you're so inclined!

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