Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Music Grinch

Stolen from Here.  And No.  Just NO.

Christmas music I just can not get behind:
-Justin Beiber, enough said.
-Any bumping/pumped up version of little drummer boy
-Any version of little drummer boy at all - I just hate that song
-Anything sung by chipmunks, muppets, any kind of real or fake animal, Disney characters.
-Lady Gaga Christmas tree (WHAT IS THAT?  and I LOVE the gaga)

I am the bearer of all things christmassy (except christmas broaches and headbands...yeah, no).  Like I'm loving the decorations and the smelly trees and even the 59,000 treats that are around during the christmas season (my willpower is getting the ultimate test lately).  But there is some really bad christmas music out there.  And I like christmas what does that say....

Tonight SP and I are going on an xmas light date :)  I also want to buy shoes but I think this is problematic for 2 reasons.  1) my father already calls me Imelda Marcos (whateverrrr) and 2) I'm pretty sure SP is not going to go for the xmas lights and shoe shopping are practically the same things argument.  We'll see if I can sweet talk her.  

Tomorrow is my last day of work before vacay-christmas-family palooza.  And it is a half day because of a holiday luncheon.  

Oh vacation brain, you will be set free soon.

And now per the usual a question for the masses - to nut cracker or not to nut cracker?  Do we subject the less enthusiased to the ballet to get some christmassy-ness on or do we just take the crew to the movies and call it a day?  Discuss.

Obligatory photo of the furbaby:

Competing for most spoiled dog on the planet...

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