Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Channeling Kermit

I have taken the plunge friends.  I've become green.

I am a self proclaimed plant killer.  Like I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.  All throughout college my mom would come visit and she would buy me houseplants (because she is a strong believer in having foliage in the home) and I would kill them.  I don't know what it is.  I can keep a dog alive no problem...well...I can keep a dog alive.  In theory shouldn't that be harder than plants?  yeah no.

So the only houseplants we have now have been SP's domain and SP's domain alone.  I don't water the plants.  I don't move the plants.  I don't change anything about the plants.  I stay very far away from them in fact in hopes that my bad plant juju will not kill them from afar.  I've never even wanted plants that much.  I think they are pretty and I recognize that they are important for the planet.  I just know my skill set limitations - and plants are outside my talent area.

But I don't know what happened.  I kept seeing all these cute gardens online and it was earth day and everything.  And then I saw THIS.  And I was like, WANT WANT WANT.  I love fresh herbs.  The idea of pulling them off my wall and putting them into my food was like the cherry on my housewife fantasy.  So I forced SP to take me out to get some mason jars and some herb plants and some wood and other weird stuff (I don't do home goods).  I was all excited and stuff until we got to home depot and that was ALL SP.  Because me inside of home depot is like a lost child.  I wander around all doe eyed looking at weird building paraphenalia thinking wh wha whaattttt.

And then we had all the herb garden stuff and something snapped in my brain.  And the insane person inside of there said, Sarah you should plant a garden on the tiny ass patio of your tiny ass townhouse.  The frenzy began.  I had SP pulling out giant pots and researching types of potting soil.  So I spent that evening potting my plants (probably way too close together) and watering them and trying to figure out where they were going to fit.  And then trying to figure out how to keep the dog from eating the leaves (WHAT THE EF DOG?!)

But even with all that...



Thats a bloom people, that means maybe if I pray a lot there will be tomatoes!

Clearly the herb garden is currently not on the wall.  Thus is the project problem. It's so fun for a little while.  And then its really not that fun.  And then it sits there half done.  But I am DETERMINED to finish.  And by me I mean I've determined SP is going to finish it for me...just kidding...sort of...mmmm love you SP ;)

Also amongst the planting and cleaning up of the patio we found this plant.  We thought this pot was empty.  But when SP pulled it out it was full of potting soil...and a plant.  10 points to anyone who can figure out what it is.  In the meantime we've decided to just let it grow and see what happens.  If it's a weed...it's kinda pretty. And clearly it's hearty since it was left for dead for at LEAST a year....(see I'm such a killer!)

So it's only been about 2 weeks.  But that's about 2 weeks longer than I've kept any other plant alive so I guess that's an accomplishment.  I'll keep you posted peeps.

Post Script: I have to thank you all for the encouragement on the last post.  I feel like changing my body is really hard.  But changing my mind is also REALLY really hard. So it's nice to know there are people in my corner :) If you're in Sac and in the bootcamp market check out Kristin Walton!

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