Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Babies On Purpose

This one has been sitting in my "To Be Published" file for a while now while I went back and forth on how angry people would be about what I had to say.  But I've been reading a lot of baby blogs lately and it makes me think about what kind of world we are building for them.  SP says that if its what I feel than I should write it.  So here goes:
Say what you want about gay people,  (actually don't, keep that hateful sh*t to yourself) but our babies, our gay-bies if you will, they are one thing - they are on purpose.  Our babies are loved for years before they appear.  They are planned for.  They are agonized over in every detail.  These babies they are dreamt about with a fervor that couples with the possibility of "oops" can't even begin to imagine.  I truly believe that there are really no oops babies - that life shakes out the way it is meant to be.  But our babies, they are certifiably un-oops.  They are expensive in every way before they even become ours to be responsible for.  But they are oh so loved.

Why do so many people hate us just for loving our babies?  For wanting them to grow and love and learn and be part of the history of this world?  Why do they hate us for loving our partners and trying to enjoy this beautiful chance at life we've been given?  I can't understand this hatefulness towards love.  I try and try and try to understand.  I want to know why people hate instead of love.  It takes up way to much of my time and brain space.

While I am grateful that Obama has finally (FINALLY) spoken up about the need for marriage equality in this country, on the other hand sometimes I can't even fathom that we are still talking about this.  That the "gay issue" is something that is even up for debate.  I sincerely hope that when my on purpose babies grow up they won't even give a second thought to having 2 mommies or the "gay issue"  I love who I am (it took a long time to say that) and I do want to have the same legal rights as every other couple in America.  But I also want this "issue" to be over.  I want people to worry more about the fact that there are 925 million hungry people in the world, that there are 800 million people in the world that don't have access to clean drinking water, and so on and so forth.  There are so many unimaginable atrocities in the world right now that need all of our attention, time, efforts, and money - so why are we wasting so much time on so many "non-issues" 

Maybe I'm naive.  Maybe I'm slow or maybe I am all those horrible things that people write on those giant signs.  But I'm not starving.  And I have as much clean water as I'll ever need.  I'm really not that interesting.  So why do people think they need to butt into my life? 

I know one thing for sure.  My partner and my on-purpose babies - we are going to focus our energy on trying to leave this world and our brothers in it a little bit healthier and happier, no matter who they love.

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  1. I love this post. You are wonderful. "On-purpose baby" I will remember forever! You sohuld honestly trademark it before some one else steals it!!
    ~ Renee