Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm not dead.

And neither are my plants!  (knocking on some wood right about now).  In fact...drum roll please, on Sunday I bought even more plants.  I know you're probably thinking - oh sarah why tempt fate?  But that's just me.  I'm such a rebel ;)

What I really didn't need was to have more living things to take care of when my work schedule is bumping up like crazy and we're 4 months away from our wedding - but clearly I didn't consider these factors whilst I was convincing SP to allow me to hoard plants in our patio.  Kori is not pleased to say the least.  Her patio is shrinking by the hour.  And I won't even let her eat the leaves off the plants...meanest mom everrrr.

What are dead, however, are my arms.  My bootcamp class is kicking me in the boot.  When I get home it takes every ounce of energy I have to lift my arms up to wash my hair.  If I wasn't so insanely sweaty and stinky I wouldn't shower, like if there was any possible way I could get away with not showering, I would - seriously.  I was so tired yesterday when I got back that I just collapsed on the bed.  I was late to work and I didn't care because I literally couldn't lift my body out of bed.  It was like swimming through mud.  Yesterday was one of the days that I was incredibly glad I work at a desk.  Because if I had to do any kind of manual labor yesterday - I would have been fired.

That being said, I love bootcamp.  I love that at 6am nobody wants to talk, they just want to work out.  I love that when I groan and grunt nobody rolls their eyes or looks at me funny.  I love that even if I haven't turned into a 90lb model my body is getting really strong again.  I feel powerful - and that really is the point of exercise isn't it?  (or to clear your arteries or something...)  Bootcamp was probably infinitely harder yesterday due to the large amount of cheese that was consumed this weekend.  I couldn't help it - mexican food taste testing for the wedding (what what?!)...
 You wish your wedding food was this good!

...and a papusa at the whole earth festival brought me far more joy than any ounce of extra weight could hurt my self esteem.  It was worth every fat gram and every calorie.

It was a beautifully full and slow weekend.  SP had to work on Saturday so I had a whole day to myself.  Before 10am I had done 5 loads of laundry, washed the dog and changed the sheets.  Then I read an entire book (
Kisses from Katie) which, while a little too Jesus heavy for me, still made me want to sell all of my belongings and take SP and move to Uganda to adopt as many tiny, beautiful babies as I could find.  SP got home from work later that afternoon and I proudly proclaimed "I never changed!" as I was still in my pj's and still on the couch.  I even napped.  It was a miraculous day.

On Sunday I talked to my momma for 45mins.  I'm not sure why I'm pointing that out since I talk to my mom freakishly often.  It was nice to not talk about wedding plans the WHOLE time ;)  And then SP and I went to the
Whole Earth Festival - which is only the best reason to live in Northern California.  The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and we bought some lovely fair trade items. 

Here is the only picture I took this weekend - SP eating 5 gallons of ice cream at WEF

And then I lost my mind and bought a lot of plants (again)  Apparently I should not be allowed near gardening stores on Sunday afternoons - because I can't help but try to recreate the garden of eden on my 3 foot by 10 foot patio....mmmmm  It was a very happy un-mothers day to me!

Hope everybody out their celebrated their momma's and to all the non mothers - happy un-mothers day to you!

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