Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cookin Craze

You guys I have the cooking bug.

Like real bad.

I don’t know what’s going on.  This is so not me.  I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked cooking to a point but lately I’m like all about it.  Like its my hobby or something.

Maybe its all the food network I’ve been watching (its reaching obsessive proportions) or maybe its all the plants growing in my backyard (seriously, you guys!!! They are alive!) but I get home and I just want to cook something  delicious up.  On Monday I made a pot roast.  Making a pot roast (not in the crockpot) takes commitment.  You must treat your pot roast well, you must be gentle, rub it carefully, sear it  to perfect caramelization and then let it stew until it is beautiful and juicy.  Several hours later pot roast heaven occurred in my mouth. 

Oh Hello YUM YUMs!
Tuesday I made pasta with sundried tomatoes, sausage, spinach and cheese and it was the bomb diggity.  I also made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter fudge frosting…from SCRATCH.  A to the mazing.  Sorry no pics of that meal (because it got eaten oh so fast)

Tonight it’s homemade pizza.  I even made the dough this time.  And the basil, get this, is from MY GARDEN.  I have a garden you guys.  Even I’m shocked.  I probably just jinxed the crap out of myself and everything will meet an untimely death tomorrow but today, today my garden is gorgeous!

That basil is from MY GARDEN!!! 
Now lets not get any crazy ideas, I’m not quitting my life and going to culinary school.  For several reasons 1) That much butter and cooking of good things would definitely cause me to weigh 800 lbs 2) I may be a decent cook but I’m not that skilled 3) Sharp knives and me don’t mix all that well

Probably tomorrow I’ll be sick of it again, but right now its so fun.  I’m loving creating things, especially from scratch that look beautiful and taste good.  I love using fresh ingredients and knowing that the food I’m putting in my mouth didn’t come out of plastic and doesn’t have 15 ingredients that I can’t pronounce.   Its really satisfying and pretty ego boosting I’m not going to lie.   I have skillz you guys. So mom’s coming this weekend – what should I cook for her?!

Want to come over for dinner?


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