Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - The Thanksgiving Eve Edition

If you missed the first posts of this series, created by Amanda over at Little Monsters & Mommies, it is pretty simple - Post something wonderful from your world every Wednesday. Because the world could always use more wonderful!


Important First Note: I feel I could not possibly go another minute without acknowledging that I am completely broken and horrified by what happened in Ferguson this week. I am broken for that family who has lost their child, I am tragically sad that another life has been ended and I'm almost inconsolable about the amount of hate and despicable, ignorant things that have been swirling around the internet. As a privileged white woman I feel it is my important responsibility to not let it pass by without being acknowledged - and I'm disappointed that I haven't heard MORE privileged white voices stand up against these atrocities.  Why is it that only my social worker and student affairs friends are willing to say something? All of us should be talking about our broken judicial system and the constant injustice that people of color face in this country every day simply because they are people of color.  It isn't about taking sides, its about racism and the fact that it continues to pervade our society in disgusting and tragic ways. A friend from college said it far more eloquently than I ever could, "For me, the choice to say Black Lives Matter emphasizes the racial inequality shown in Ferguson and other recent verdicts, a bias that constantly threatens the lives of black people in our country. I don't doubt that most of us believe all lives matter, but that the way that plays out for me as a white person and my daily safety, protection by the legal system, etc. is very different than for many people of color. That is why I choose the label that I did." -Genie Bettencourt  #BlackLivesMatter 

And now for a little Wonderful, on a week when we could all use a little bit more... 

I'm typically a fan of the Thanksgiving in general.  A day dedicated to eating lots of yummy things and recognizing and acknowledging all that we have in this life is a day that I can really get behind.  And this year I'm feeling extra thanky.  

So in no particular order some of the many things filling my heart this Thanksgiving eve:
  • A beautiful home that shelters my family.  A home that we are privileged enough to own!
  • Lucrative jobs that provide more than we need.  The luxury of not having to live pay check to pay check.
  • A healthy work environment where I feel supported and have found real friendships.
  • Amazing family who love and love and love!
  • My crazy furbaby who challenges me and loves me unconditionally.
  • Coffee. Amen.
  • Netflix binges
  • Christmas songs
  • A healthy body that keeps me going and allows me to enjoy this beautiful life.
  • Bloggy friends who lift me up and make me laugh and teach me.
  • Mommy friends who have walked this path before me and gently guide and suggest and encourage.
  • Books and the other worlds they take me to.
  • The opportunity to have an education.
  • A voice and the ability to speak up for those who don't have the same privileges.
  • A small cast of close friends who have seen me through every up and down and love me anyways.
  • A beautiful spunky wife who has only made me better.  Who loves me and laughs with me and is truly my best friend.  And who is working hard to make my dreams come true.
And finally for:
  • My dream incarnate - 30 weeks today!
Bump Watch 2014 - This is actually 29wks.

My baby with my baby!

I'm so in trouble for this one ;)
Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  I love you all!


  1. I couldn't even focus my eyes on the tv as the Ferguson decision was read because of the tears. Heartbroken. Now, after spending way too much time reading the testimony of the officer I am just downright angry. A gross every sense.

    Moving on, as not to cry again. Those are some mighty wonderful things to be thankful for. Those baby bump pictures are the best though. In trouble or not, I'm loving the sassy one at the end. Rock that bump, rock it!!! Happy holidays to you and yours. And, is it a bit presumptuous if I ask does the baby's ornament we made and sent last year get to hang again this year? Cause you know that special sprinkling of baby dust on it totally worked ;)

  2. I just refuse to talk to anyone about Ferguson. We are actually in KC, so its on our 'home turf' sort of. Its a hot topic right now, but no one is having a rational, conversation. Its extreme on both sides.
    But you have a great baby bump growing there! Looks like all is well on that front!!