Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Shower of Love (31 Weeks!)

Yesterday our amazing friends threw us a beautiful baby shower.  It was a fantastic afternoon filled with friends, love, and terrifying realizations that a will be in our house in approximately 8 weeks (yikes!)

One of my closest friends from childhood hosted the shower (in the home of some of our other closest friends!)  She took care of every detail and it was so personalized to us. She made the shower book themed (to reflect my love of reading). So not only did we get completely spoiled with baby gifts everybody brought children's books to build Dippity Dot's future library! Fantastic.

Our beautiful host with my newest nephew

We started the afternoon with a sweet ceremony. We went around the room (tossing a ball of string) and honored the strong fabulous women who came before us and each woman gave us advice, or a blessing, or a wish for the future. At the end we cut the string and were asked to tie the string around our wrist and keep it on until the baby is born. The idea being that every time you look at it you send good wishes and love to the mommies and baby to come soon. I absent-mindedly touch it often now and remember the strong, beautiful women who help to hold us up.

 Celebrating our strong community

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating cake, playing games, opening a ridiculous amount of gifts (crazy generous friends), and decorating onesies! It couldn't have been more "us" and now we're even more excited to welcome this little nugget into our family and into this world.

Custom onesie collection!

Babyshower palooza continues in the next couple of weeks as well (with 2 work babyshowers coming up!) and a "meet the baby" party being planned in the spring so my parents can celebrate too! (they just got home from living in London for 3 months...lucky ducks!)

So it's pretty certain to say that this baby is already so incredibly loved. And while it's pretty hard not to freak over every detail and try to go with the flow (hard for 2 control freaks...) I'm feeling more supported than ever. We can do this - and we have so many lovely people to hold us up when its a little too much!

Future Mama Face
Besos my loves!


  1. I absolutely love the string idea, that's so fun and meaningful! I love love love the sentiment. Sounds like you guys have a lot of support and love in the family and friends, so happy for you. Man, it doesn't feel like its been long enough for you to have a shower yet! Its going so fast and soon, that little baby will be in your arms!! I can't wait!

  2. What a beautiful shower! Your friend did an awesome job and the string idea is just the best! I'm so happy for you soon-to-be mamas. You're both glowing. :)

  3. It looks like you guys had such an amazing time. You can see it all ove your faces and the faces of your loved ones. That is one lucky baby!

  4. What a lovely shower! 8 weeks...actually 7 now as I am reading this post vacation....wheeeeeeee, get ready for that BABY!!!! So exciting!!!! Cannot wait to see you become a Mama :)