Sunday, December 28, 2014

For Unto Us a Child is 5 Weeks

This was the busiest pre, during and after Christmas I can remember in a long long time. If you know me you know I'm planny-plannerton but this year there was zippo time for planning. Luckily SP convinced me in November to get a super big jump on our Christmas shopping so the majority was done early (glory hallelujah)  

My family came and stayed with us for a week which was lovely, but once again, no time for planning. Luckily they are the lowest of the low key and therefore are open to take out dinners and afternoon marathons of netflix. It was a family, cookie filled week and I'm so incredibly glad we had the chance to "do-over" Christmas with everybody having working limbs.

Some scenes from the insanity of Christmas celebrations with both mine and SP's family:
 Decorating Duchess Sybil! 
 Christmas morning with the Squinty Family

 Beard Baubles and Pregnant Lady Stocking Stuffers!

GIANT Peanutbutter cup!  YUM!

 Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating!
Christmas Dinner Goobs!
 Christmas Part II:

 The Present Mountain! And the Make-It gifts

 Newest Baby Newphew!

 A new high chair for all the new babies!

This Christmas season has been a little extra special as we eagerly (and terrifyingly) await our first baby.  Advent, traditionally, is a waiting period in the Christian church.  A time of preparation and meditation on the coming of the Christ child to the world. And with SP in a very pregnant nesty mode we have had a physical manifestation of that waiting period. And it has definitely opened something deep inside of me. I think for the longest time I thought my dream of being a mother was going to remain just that...a dream. It just seemed that there were so many obstacles (biological, financial, familial etc etc) to this dream. I think even when SP got pregnant I couldn't 100% wrap my mind around the fact that this meant I was going to be a mother. It has slowly becoming more real as little dippitydot grows and SP changes. If you're the pregnant one there is no denying that things are changing, but as the other mother there is a way in your warped brain that you can sort of forget that it's going to be real. But the last month has brought everything into stark clarity - a baby is coming. My baby.  Mine and SP's baby. The soul that has been waiting up there is making his or her way to me...finally.

Amongst all the business and flash and crazy its been a beautiful season. A season of anticipating. A season of small moments and stolen joys. A season of waiting and preparation for a child. A child who will change my world.

Merry Christmas my loves! And all the love and light from my soul to yours!


  1. Wow it looks like you two had such a lovely Christmas! You're baby will be here so soon! <3

  2. When you have dreamed as long as you have then it just will not fully become REAL until that baby is in your arms. But trust me, it will get real and quick. YOU ARE A MAMA!!!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Next year, baby's first Christmas!!!!