Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dear Internets: A Catch-up!

Dear Internets,

I'm so sorry I've been willfully neglecting you as of late. As it turns out all I want to do is smush my baby cheeks. And some times (insanely) think about having another baby's cheeks to smush.

But not to worry my internet friends.  I have been dutifully stalking you and your smushy babies as well. And I love every minute of it.  And every time I read another cutie baby blog (or just great life blog) I think to myself - I should write too!  I have thoughts!  I have things to say!

And then instead - I smush baby cheeks instead!  And you know what, sorrynotsorry!

Life is so full these days.  It is exhaustingly beautiful.  It is too much and not enough all at the same time.  I don't even know how to catch up so I'm just going to write a few things, throw in some pictures and try to get going again on here.  Because really I miss the record of our lives. And I miss the outlet.  It is one of my few creative places. And one of the only adult things I have left to hang on to these days!

September and October went away with the blink of an eye.  We took baby girl up to the Apple orchards twice and it was awesome.  Apple fritters and tchotchkes galore.  She's such a good baby, I can't even talk about it.

We had no intention of dressing her up for Halloween (because really, she was 8 months old and goes to bed at 6:30pm...I know...shut up) but we caved at the end and she was the most fearsome pirate you ever did see.  We also dragged her out to the pumpkin patch which was hilarious and fun. And then we decorated those pumpkins and let baby girl smush all that goo around (how bad is it if your kid eats raw pumpkin?!) and it was glorious. SP and I watched Hocus Pocus and passed out candy until we actually ran out (2 costco bags!) 

We spontaneously decided to take SP's birthday off of work early November.  We had a nice lunch out together just the two of us.  Unfortunately both of SP's grandparents passed away the weekend prior to her birthday so it was a bit of a somber day but it was good to have some time at home and some time together.  The next weekend was a double funeral for the couple. So we packed up the car and drove to utah with our 9mo old in tow.  It was an incredibly touching and heartbreaking service.  They were salt of the earth people who demonstrated unconditional love in a special way. They loved me from the start - which you can imagine was a challenge their coming from a mormon background and my being a lesbian and all... But it was nothing but love from them from the start. And for that, for giving me my wife, and for giving our baby her middle name I will always be grateful.

And on Monday after that excursion my parents came in to town!  I have to say it was a perfectly timed (albeit busy) distraction.  They've loved up on their grandbaby.  My brother spontaneously joined us as well so it was a full house of hugs and mall walking and taking the baby to the park for the first time!

And we also took mom back to the Apple Orchards! (3rd time for Baby Girl in less than a year!)

And speaking of baby girl - She is 9 months old as of 11/11!  She's growing like a weed. And I'm not going to lie she's the sweetest thing there ever was. She's smiley and squishy and crawl/scooting all over the place. She's also doing this stand on her knees thing all the time and trying to pull herself up thing. She wants to touch everything. And loves to EAT. Unfortunately her moms are real scared about giving her big chunks of food (choking is like a REAL fear for me!) But slowly but surely she is working her way through everything. And most definitely would prefer to eat what we eat and not baby food. (in fact she cries until we let her try it typically...) This morning she sat under my chair and stared at me while I ate breakfast...It's cute when it's not creeping me out!

SP and I are doing well.  Although I'm not going to lie...we are tired. And I don't know about her but I know I miss having adult time...My January birthday vacation can't come soon enough!  But we are a good team - taking turns with the kiddo and the crazy fur baby (who seriously has not slowed down at all...ugh) The tired makes it hard to do other things, but we still make time for each other whenever we can fit in a moment!

So that's that for now.  Hope you are all well my friends, I miss you!



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  1. "It is too much and not enough all at the same time." Amen. That is perfection right there, my friend! See, you should totally blog more ;)

    That baby girl is for reals adorable! Her in the pumpkin patch, oh my freaking gosh the cuteness! Now, just so you know, if you do not blog about that baby's first birthday, you are in deep blogland doo doo. It is like an unwritten law or something, okay? :) And yes, trust me, MAKE TIME FOR ADULT AND COUPLE TIME NOW! Believe me, you will regret it if you do not. Happy holidays to you and yours <3