Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First Annual Blogmas! Vol. 1

I am the first to admit I have a little bit of a problem with Christmas - as in I can't get enough.  I love the decorations, the sparkles, the songs, the fact that people use it as a time to try to be kinder and better and more joyful (things I know we should be working on all year long, but hey I will take what I can get...) I mean I may or may not have been listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Much to my shame we don't have a tree yet, but that's another story for another time.

So...in honor of one of my most favoritist times of year and in an attempt to get some more nonsense up in the blog-o-sphere I've decided that this year will be the first annual BLOGMAS!

That's right my friends - 25 days of blogging from yours truly.  Which is going to push me out of my comfort zone on many a level.  But what better way to spend Advent, a time of waiting and contemplation, then out here in the interwebs blabbing to all you fine folks?!

There will definitely be some Christmas related posts I'm sure, but if there are any topics you are dying to hear my opinion about let me know!  Otherwise you can expect a lot of rambling and pictures of my kid (what else is new?!)
So Happy Blogmas my friends!
And to get us started...a picture of my two favs!

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