Monday, December 21, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 21

It's 9pm, do you know where your bed is?!

Honestly friends, I'm ready for blogmas to be over now. Because I am LE TIRED. And like let's be honest am I really this interesting...I think not!

So, in honor of my exhaustion, and the fact that the sun set at 3:20FREAKIN PM today is a cop out blog:

What I liked about today - the ExhaustedIHaveToWriteAboutSomethingEdition

  • Bacon. For dinner. Because it was a cop out dinner today as well.
  • Being back at work! Not the work part but the fact that I finally felt well enough to leave my house. I only hacked up part of my lung today. I also didn't take any cold medication today!
  • A daycare provider who sends you home with baked goods!
  • Super awesome coworkers who get you a graphic novel version of one what is probably your all time favorite book! Madeline L'Engle what what!

  • Amazon customer service. Immediate phone connection with the click of a button. I.Am.A.Fan (not sure she actually fixed anything...but take what you can get)
  • A new Christmas CD! Oh yes I did! Sing to me Kelly Clarkson
  • Christmas Tree Smell
  • Modern amenities - a working heater, hot water, lights etc
  • Makeup - to cover all manner of exhaustion and sickness on yo face
  • And last but not least, a cute little girl who has become obsessed with blowing raspberries!
Gratuitous pic of my kid...because...obviously
So that's what's up today my friends!  Hope you all are well!

Merry Blogmas (?)!

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