Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 20

Well my friends, only a few more days of my constant prattling...

Why is it that the time during the holidays is like the craziest? It's funny because I'm pretty sure we all have this idea that we should be jolly and lazing and just sitting around with loved ones. And yet so far today I have:

a) wrapped approximately 99 gifts
b) made 2 tons of christmas crack (more to come)
c) wiped 5million snotty noses
d) cut out a thousand pieces of fabric for a project
e) all of the above

Let me just tell you the answer isn't a-d...

It was a nice day - although my poor wifey went out into the fray TWICE today.  If that's not real love I don't know what is. Because on Fri night I went to Target and the parking lot and the bitchy lady in line in front of me verbally assaulting the cashier was really enough for me for a lifetime. (side note - can we all stop being @-holes to cashiers?! Those people have to deal with us harried, crazed, frazled people all day long - cut them a freakin break. And can we all stop driving in the parking lot like it's the end of the world...just take a min. people, we're allll going to be ok - side note completed)

Anyway, where was I? So was a nice day, although not super lazy (and not over yet...urgh) But it was jolly by god.  We listened to some "ho-ho tunes" as my wife calls them and made A LOT of Christmas Crack.

Oh what is Christmas Crack you ask?  Well some people refer to it as white trash, but I wasn't feeling too comfortable with that name, so we're going with Christmas Crack - which yes does also have some negative connotations, but peeps, this stuff is ADDICTING!  And seeing as I've never done drugs, and don't plan to, this is as close to crack as I plan to get.

So here goes, Sarah's Christmas Crack!

3 cups cheerios
3 cups rice checks
3 cups wheat checks
2 cups pretzels 
2-3 cups m&ms
22 oz's white chocolate (I use Ghirardelli's white chocolate chips) 

In a BIG bowl mix cereal, pretzels, and m&m's. Toss em around.
In a microwave safe bowl melt white chocolate. I start with 30sec intervals and then switch to 20 second intervals as things start to melt. Make sure to stir frequently. It goes fast!
Drizzle white chocolate over cereal mix. Stir until the cereal mixture is REALLY coated. It's going to seem like too much white chocolate...its not! 
Spread mixture onto parchment paper and let harden for an hour or so.
Break up and eat. and eat and eattttt!

So much SUGAR. So much YUM!

If you're feeling really generous you can give some away...


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