Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogmas Vol.10

On Dusting Off the Perspectacles (term stolen from my spirit animal Glennon Melton)
Christmas can be such a magical time.  A time of focusing on the beauty around us, a time of self reflection, a time of giving, a time of love and joy and happiness. 
It can also easily and rapidly turn into a time of selfishness and greed. Commercialization and how much we can get get get.  A time of keeping up with the proverbial Joneses.
Don't get me wrong - I love giving gifts. I adore thinking about my loved ones and what they really need or would enjoy and trying to find something for them. And showing them I love them with a sweet memento. And I like receiving similar gifts - thoughtful tokens from those I love.  I love walking around and seeing something I know someone I care about would LOVE and then getting to watch them open it. And I will admit, I do have a fantasy of giving someone a blow your socks of totally out of control gift one day.
But this year, once again, I'm trying to remember that it isn't all about the THINGS.  And that really many of us are so far better off than our brothers and sisters around the world right now. As all of the stories of the Syrian refugees come out I can't help but be reminded of how incredibly blessed I already am - what wonderful gifts I'm lucky enough to have.
First of all, every morning I wake up. That alone seems like a pretty fantastic gift. One that many have been robbed of this year in various tragic ways. And when I wake up, generally I'm healthy, I'm warm, I'm clothed. I'm laying next to the person I love most (except on nights when I've been snoring like a mac truck). I often wake to the babbling sounds of a squishy baby dream come true. I wake up in a house I own - how luxurious is that?! When I go to the kitchen I know there will be plenty of food. And I know that when it runs out I won't have to worry about getting more. When I walk out the door to go to my job (that I like!) I am safe. I can get in my functioning car. And so on and so on and so on.
I mean really, how lucky am I?!
So, my hope is that this coming year I can do more with what I have. It's time to share more - because there is plenty to go around. I have time to give, and talents, and material things - and I know there is plenty of love in this vulnerable heart of mine.
Merry Blogmas my friends!  Be Brave!

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